Organizations and Management in the 21st Century

Organizations and Management
Organizations and Management

To what extent is our understanding of organizations and management over the last 100 years applicable to the 21st century?

The understanding of organizations and management over the last 100 years applies to the 21st Century. The organization is a group of people who have a structured management system that directs them to pursue a common objective (Scott, and Davis, 2015, p. 45).

Notably, within that period of 100 years, many people attempted to provide relevant knowledge that could improve efficiency in organizations and management process.

In conclusion, the knowledge acquired concerning organizations and management over the last 100 years has a great impact on the 21st century.  In the past, the team was not complex like today where the firm has many department and activities.

Organizations and management Case Anlysis

The management adapted new methods to comply with new changes in a firm. Therefore, that understanding of organizations and management has helped the teams in the current century (Bohari, Hin, and Fuad, 2017, p. 56). Managers to allocate enough resources depending on the nature of goals set. Also, the use of new technological methods can help the firm to perform and compete effectively in the market.

Total Quality management is a plan that makes the management to be focused on customers and improvement of processes. SWOT analysis should be completed to provide enough knowledge concerning internal and external factors of a firm. The understanding of organizations and management should be the base of bringing change in the firm. Management needs such understanding to develop effective strategies that may improve the performance of a team.


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