Operation Varsity Blues: A College Admission Scandal Movie Review

Operation Varsity Blues

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Operation Varsity Blues: A College Admission Scandal Movie Review


Corporate Fraud and White Collar Criminals have been a significant historical role in American crime and criminology. Though we spend a lot of time focused on street crimes (Murder, Rape, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, etc.) that affect our seemingly everyday lives, the financial cost of white collar crime exceeds street crime and all measurable damages.

The Enron corporate financial “scandal” and crimes had been a major focus for the case study of criminal corporate culture, and corporate executives’ involvement in fraud. Since that time, there have been many corporate leaders, independent financial consultants, and entrepreneurs who were roles key players in similar fraud and theft schemes.

Though few cases are exactly alike, the different offender motives and the different criminal theories to describe their behaviors remain relevant. Some of the key theories we can use to understand White Collar Criminals include, Strain, General Strain, Techniques of Neutralization, Differential Association, Social Bonds, Psychopathy (APD), and Rational Choice.

You are encouraged to watch the Netflix documentary titled: Operation Varsity Blues. This documentary features an inside look at the recent College Admissions Scandal along with an analysis portraying several of the key people in the fraud scandal. There are numerous external news articles related to the College Admissions Scandal. If you do not have a Netflix Account and are unable to watch this documentary, please contact Professor Baker directly via email for additional instructions on completing this assignment. It is still possible to complete the online assignment using additional reference sources.

Operation Varsity Blues: A College Admission Scandal Movie Review

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This assignment asks for you to complete a short paper, 400 words or more, summarizing the criminal acts committed specifically by one of the key College Admissions Scandal players, and explain in concise detail the motives that influenced that person (greed, power, revenge, ego, criminal ideology, mental illness, etc.) and 1 Specific Crime Theory from the Classical, Biological, Psychological, or Sociological schools (see the list of theories above,) that can be used to describe that specific offender’s behavior.

Your short paper must emphasize the motive, and must name and describe a specific theory. To do this correctly, the emphasis of at least 50-75% of your paper must be focused on the Theory and the Theoretical Explanation that developed the motive of the offender.

Feel free to pick an offender other than Rick Singer. Examples of others involved include some of the coaches, athletic directors, parents, and even SAT taker Mark Riddell.

The short paper should be uploaded to the drop box for this assignment in either a Word doc or PDF file. The header of your paper must contain your name and the assignment title: Operation Varsity Blues. Criminology. SPRING 2021. At the end of your short paper you should include your Work Cited section.

Work Cited is very important! Here, please list the URL link or the first URL link (if a series), and include the other reference sources or links that you used for your theory.

You will need a minimum of 3 sources or URLs in your Work Cited. 1. Operation Varsity Blues (Netflix) 2. ______An additional news source related to the College Admissions Scandal. and 3. ______ a theory source for the specific Crime Theory that you are using to analyze the offender’s behavior.

Operation Varsity Blues: A College Admission Scandal Movie Review

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