Oligopoly Theory Case Study

Oligopoly Theory
Oligopoly Theory

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Oligopoly Theory

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Watch a Youtube video or review an article on the Pfizer-Allergan merger. Write a 1-page paper commenting on the reasons for the failure of this merger within the context of oligopoly theory.

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Oligopoly Theory Case Study Essay

Drug maker Pfizer Inc. and Ireland-based Allergan Plc (AGN.N) merger deal was meant to save Pfizer about $35 billion in taxes. Pfizer canceled the $160 billion merger after President Obama’s campaign to stop US companies from heading overseas succeeded. Pfizer in its opinion maintains that the decision was driven by new treasury rule amendments aiming at such deals, termed as inversions.

Obama termed the merger deal as one of the most insidious tax inversions since the deal was meant to relocate Pfizer’s headquarters to Ireland and save the company huge amount of tax. Following this effects, lawmakers argued that tax inversion is not the best way to deal with U.S huge tax rate but rather….

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