Nutrition Assessment of Geriatric Patients


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Careful assessment of the patient is essential for the development and the successful diagnosis of the comprehensive treatment plans for the many nutrition issues. The geriatric patient’s assessment will be carried out using the Lawton instrument activities of daily living (IADL scale).The 75-year-old female patient presents some problems. The following activities preparation of food, handling medications, handling of cooking items such as gas and stove.

Using transportation and movement ability is also assessed using the IADL scale (Nykanen et al, 2012). The scores for the patient read lowest values as been 3 and highest to be six which implies poor physical and cognitive functioning (Naseer et al, 2015).

The patient is malnutrition thus has lost a lot of weight. The patient is independent in her activities of daily living, and the poor functioning has impacted the nutrition and hydration of the patient causing malnutrition (Nykanen et al, 2012). The patient experiences the low oral intake due to mild cognitive impairment to prepare meals and carry out other functions as assessed using the IADL scale (Graf, 2013).

The patient suffers from the coronary artery disease thus is at risk of also having the stroke medical condition. The patient has some dietary needs that have contributed to the malnourishment and also the high risk of developing the coronary artery medical condition.

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Vitamin deficiencies such as folate, vitamin B6 and B12 lacks in her diet (Graf, 2013). These deficiencies are associated with the cognitive inability of the patient. The vascular functioning of the patient is affected by the lack of these vitamins, thus causing malnutrition (Naseer et al, 2015).The patient is currently not attempting for any of the medical issues since the ability to handling medication has also been a major problem for the independent geriatric patient (Naseer et al, 2015).

The nutrition problem presented during the assessment of the patient can be solved through the supplementation using the B12 and B6 vitamins for the patient. Provision of a care giver for the patient will also reduce the high rate of independence. The elderly patient’s oral intake improves when there is the person to help in preparation of the meals and also carrying out other activities(Nykanen et al,2012).A diet with low fats contributes to eliminating the vascular risk factors. Nutrition intervention after the assessment of the patient improves the quality of life.


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