Nurses with Disabilities Essay Paper

Nurses with Disabilities
Nurses with Disabilities

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Nurses with Disabilities

Short Paper Job Descriptions

After reading the assigned sections from Nurses with Disabilities: Professional Issues and Job Retention and searching for a couple of current nonprofit agency administrator job descriptions in different organizations, submit a short paper in which you compare at least two job descriptions you discovered.

•          What are the key descriptors of each organization? How do those descriptors compare between the two organizations? How does each organization’s culture, as summarized in the description, impact service delivery?

•          What are the essential functions of the job? Are any examples provided of functions? How do the functions compare between the two organizations? How do the job functions impact the quality-of-service delivery?

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•          What are the job requirements? Are required knowledge, skills, and abilities included? What is the minimum education level? How do the requirements compare between the two organizations? How do the requirements for each position impact the quality-of-service delivery?

•          What are the physical demands and work environment of each organization? How do they compare? How do the work environment and physical demands impact service delivery?

•          Is compensation included? If so, how does it compare between the organizations? How does compensation impact service delivery and organizational culture? See Compensation Resources for additional assistance.

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