Nurse practitioner program Application Essay

Nurse practitioner program
Nurse practitioner program

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Nurse practitioner program Application Essay

Role/contribution of Nurse practitioners(NPs) in the Canadian healthcare system Admission Essay


Write an admission essay for admission application for Nurse practitioner program at University of Toronto. I am applying for primary health care approach (PHC) nurse practitioner.

Program Requirements

  • To qualify for the degree, students shall complete a program of study outlined by the Graduate Department of Nursing Science.
  • Coursework. The MN program requires 5.5 full-course equivalents (FCEs), including:
    • NUR1094H, NUR1095H, NUR1097H, and NUR1138H;
    • a combination of courses based on the student’s emphasis:
      • Adult: NUR1101H; NUR1115H; NUR1140H; NUR1141H; NUR1215H; and NUR1221Y or
      • Paediatric*: NUR1102H; NUR1116H and NUR1216H; NUR1144H; NUR1145H; and NUR1222Y or
      • Primary Health Care — Global Health: NUR1114H; NUR1117H and NUR1217H; NUR1142H; NUR1143H; and NUR1223Y
      • NUR1221Y, NUR1222Y, and NUR1223Y must be taken alone in the final session and only after completion of all other coursework and program requirements.
  • This field of study is offered in a hybrid learning format including online and required on-campus, in-class learning.
  • *The Paediatric emphasis is available to students every other year. Visit the Nursing website for details.

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