Nurse Managers Career Planning

Nurse Managers
Nurse Managers

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Nurse Managers Career Planning

Nurse Managers have demanding and complex responsibilities that involve coordinating work of individuals with varying education, skills, and personalities of providing safe, high quality patient care. The Nurse managers are accountable for staff performance, resource utilization, financial management, and patient outcomes. The Nurse Managers also ensure that patient care is delivered in line with the standards of practice and organizational ethics and policies. According to Anonson et al., (2014), good nurse managers provide leadership and ensures that his/her department runs smoothly.

After evaluating myself with the skills inventory, I found that I have the various strengths and weakness in the following areas;

Personal and Professional Accountability

First, I noted that I am competent enough when it comes to personal growth and development. This is because I hold a Bachelors OF Science Nursing (BSN) degree which has equipped me to meet the demands weighed on today’s nurse. With this degree, I have acquired skills in critical thinking, case management, and health promotion in order to practice across various inpatient and outpatient settings. I also possess leadership skills that are crucial for anyone that would like to serve as a nurse manager. In my practice, I adhere to the expected nursing codes of ethics.

However, I am a novice when am required to make appropriate decisions surrounding the several ethical dilemmas in my practice. For instance, a teen who had been diagnosed with syphilis due to unprotected sex asked me to lie to her mum about her condition. Moreover, I am also an active member of several nursing associations such as the American Nursing Association (ANA); an important institution that safeguards our welfare as nurses.

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Career Planning

I am an expert in this area because I understand my role as a BSN nurse and what is expected of me. I also intend to pursue a master’s degree in Nursing. However, I have not yet decided on the program I need to pursue.

Personal Journey Disciplines

I noted that I am an expert in this area. I have vital management skills that can aid me in educating and supervising staff without micromanaging. I can use conflict resolution and negotiation skills to enhance collaboration between physician, staff, and clinical leaders. I can also mentor and coach stuff at all levels. Moreover, I am flexible hence I can adapt quickly in the field of healthcare as patients usually develop problems. However, I find it a bit challenging to make agent decisions of care on my own in accordance to the changing needs. I prefer consulting someone else before I can implement a decision.

Reflective practice reference behaviors/tenets

After rating myself on this area, I found that I uphold integrity and transparency in all my dealings. I also have the desire of developing my potential. For instance, I usually challenge myself to attain the standards that some of my predecessors in the field of nursing have set. This aids me to discover my potential, know my weaknesses and strengths whenever I want to attain certain goals.

However, I do not know how to create and maintain a balance that renews and regenerates my spirit and body so that I can grow continually. This is because I usually find myself being caught up in the profession, squeezing some personal time relax and rejuvenate has always been a challenge to me risking work burn out.

Reflective practice is one of the most important pillars in my career. It aids my making sense of human frailties such as mental and physical health and the dynamics between the relationship between human beings and the system in which they function.

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Often, leaders are charged with the responsibility of creating change processes in an organization (Schaffer et al., 2013). Change processes that involve upgrade of tools and techniques, human resources, and basic rules and controls within a hospital are the mandate of managers within the organization. With my leadership set, I will be able to make the change initiatives real and tangible rather than abstract.

I will also ensure that I awaken the enthusiasm and ownership of the proposed change within the organization. My leadership set also helps me to be accountable for filling the gap between strategic decisions and the certainty of executing the change within the workforce and structure of the institution. I will use my communication skills to ensure that the staff is updated on all change activities that are taking place and what we expect to achieve.

Thinking strategically is one of the goals for my leadership growth. I intend to improve my ability of seeing the big picture and learn to step back from daily tactical details of my practice and concentrate not only on the “how” and “what” but also on the “why.”By being a critical thinker, I will hold all my views and reasoning to intellectual reasoning standards. This will aid in reducing ambiguity and confusion in the understanding of ideas and thoughts. Achievement of this goal will place me at a suitable position thinking deeply and broadly. My thinking will be driven towards being adequate, precise, and logical for my intended purpose.


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