Nonverbal communication in a situation comedy

Nonverbal communication in a situation comedy
Nonverbal communication in a situation comedy

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Nonverbal communication in a situation comedy

Nonverbal communication involves the use of stimulus and not a speech to pass the message to the audience. It is non-linguistic, associated with intended symbolic actions and entails nonverbal conducts purposely sent and considered to have consequential significance.

In the Sit-Com comedy, it starts with a knock on the door, which is commonly recognized as an indication of the presence of someone. In addition, Sheldon states that “I should note I’m having some digestive distress” while touching his abdomen.  This is to emphasize what he said orally- he has digestive pain.                                                                                                                                   

Penny says “He wiped his mouth with it,” while her hands move around her mouth, showing the action of someone wiping his/her mouth. There is also a scene where Leonard knows that Sheldon was deceitful about his sickness; he shook the head to indicate defeat or to give up. Leonard gives up regarding Sheldon’s behavior. Sheldon also slaps his hands in his face to illustrate calmness while thinking about the solution to the present condition. These are instances of kinesics.                              

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Sheldon said “Oh!” when she saw the gift. The tone is heightened significantly to show that he was amazed, although since it does not sound real, it is clear to viewers that he was faking it. Penny yelled “Sheldon! What are you doing?”. Similarly, there is a change in the tone. Such changes indicate Penny’s feeling upon seeing the gifts. At the end of the comedy, Sheldon hugs Penny, thinking that his gifts were not of relevance to the napkin Penny gave him.

Apparently, Sheldon does like hugging people, as they are not only awkward but makes him uncomfortable. However, he hugged Penny. According to Haptics that involves the study of touch in communication, touch enhances the positive relationships, demonstrates intimacy and friendship, which is why he hugged Penny. The forms of nonverbal communication in Sit-Com reflects the usual roles as well as various forms of nonverbal communication

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