Non-adherence to lifestyle change during pregnancy

Non-adherence to lifestyle change during pregnancy
Non-adherence to lifestyle change during pregnancy

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Non-adherence to lifestyle change during pregnancy

Adoption of the right and recommended lifestyle changes during the pregnancy period is essential for every woman to ensure thy experience an exciting time with minimal problems. Positive changes in lifestyle behaviors during pregnancy has the massive impact both on the patient and the fetus (Pinto et al, 2015). However, there are cases of non-adherences to the recommended changes which lead to negative consequences.

Some of the symptoms caused by the poor adherence to changes include problems in the flow of blood in the blood vessels which make it difficult for efficient circulation in the placenta slowing the growth of the fetus. The consumption of alcohol can cause the fetal alcohol syndrome leading to effects such as cleft palate and defects of legs and the arms on the fetus (Pinto et al, 2015).

Non-adherence also leads to change in the function and development of organs thus can, later on, result in birth defects. Poor eating habits would result in malnutrition of the patient who shows frequent signs of fatigue and be weak in nature also affecting the fetus. Headaches, pains, constipation, breathing or heart problems are also signs and symptoms experienced due to non-adherence to recommendations during pregnancy (Leppanen et al, 2014).

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Non-adherence leads to negative impacts both the patient and the fetus. Abnormal development and birth defects are one of the major impacts on the fetus. The poor circulation of blood can affect the patient’s blood pressure at the same time hindering the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the fetus affecting growth (Zheng et al, 2016). Contraction of the uterus can also happen to cause injuries on the fetus.

The non-adherence also results in chronic diseases among the patient who might suffer from diabetes or heart problems later (Zheng et al, 2016). Abnormal bleeding by the patient during delivery that can cause anemia is experienced as a negative impact due to poor adherence to the recommended changes during pregnancy.

Public health initiatives are required to handle the issue of non- adherence among the pregnant patients. Such initiatives include the provision of efficient education, counseling and creation of awareness of the implications and the necessity of adopting the recommended changes (Leppanen et al, 2014). The management through education would eliminate fears such as side effects of taking drugs and also ensure full adherence by the patients.

Substitute therapy is a treatment plan adopted to reduce the high instance of drug addiction which has negative impacts. Providing the right drugs, encouraging medication and providing patients with supplements for nutrition would help handle the signs and symptoms resulting due to adherence.


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