Negotiation: Gambits to Look Out For


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Negotiation: Gambits to Look Out For

The way one behaves during a negotiation can highly affect the outcome. Since negotiations are a voluntary agreement, there is no guarantee at the onset that an agreement will be reached upon (Edward and Roy 2015). It is through the use of proper negotiating skills and application of tactful behaviors that a consensus can be reached (Roger 2012).

A good negotiation approach entails both competitive and cooperative behaviors. Enhancing the deal during the negotiating process require both parties to be cooperative. When both parties are working towards a mutual goal, the process ends up in a win-win situation that usually leads to a future working relationship. Having a cooperative mindset establishes a relationship between the negotiators for value creation.

On the other hand, a competitive mindset is used for claiming of value. Though competitive strategies that claim value usually tend to undermine cooperation between the parties, a cooperative strategy also tends to make one vulnerable to the competitive bargaining techniques. It is, therefore, to apply both cooperative and competitive behaviors during the negotiations.

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One should be mindful of competitive and cooperative negotiating behaviors for some reasons. A competitive mindset gives one the power to control the negotiation process. Since the Navigation system under review had been used to the negotiating and proved to be effective, it will give more value to the company while striking the deal.

Prior information about the government representative can be used to bring cooperativeness in the negotiating process by talking about it and not stating the first quote for the deal. A better deal will be received by having a language and nonverbal behavior that convey confidence and power (Nick 2015).

Negotiation activities are either contractual or for personal purposes. Negotiation with the federal government is a contractual negotiating activity while one involving purchasing of a personal car is a personal purchasing negotiation. A contract exists as a voluntary agreement between parties that have made a promise in exchange for value and negotiating is the process that leads to making the mutual agreements (Edward and Roy 2015).

In negotiated contracts, both parties surrender some measure of power to each other, yet both end up gaining more that they previously had. In personal negotiation, there is no surrendering of freedom by either of the parties since each of them is after a personal gain. While in contractual negotiations there are preparations made, personal purchasing negotiations are random and at the convenience of the buyer.

Some skills are critical in negotiating contracts with the federal government. Preparation is important before entering into a bargaining contractual negotiation. History of the relationship between the two parties and past relationship are crucial in reaching a common goal. Some of the skills a powerful negotiator should possess include:

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  1. Making sure that the other side commits first

According to Roger (2012), power negotiators give the other party the chance to commit first in a negotiation. When the other party commits first, one is in a position to bracket their proposal, gain more information about them and possibly get a better deal than expected.

  • Pretending to be dumb

A skilled negotiator is able to act stupid in order to get a better perspective of the other party. Acting dumb gives a negotiator an upper hand since the other party sees the negotiator as less intelligent and gives them a better deal in order to help them.

  • Ability to understand real value of a deal in a warm way.

Instead of giving the real value of the deal, it is wise to break the amount into bits so that the other party doesn’t feel the weight of the whole amount. When the price is broken into small amounts, it is easier for the other party to go ahead and accept it.

  • Committing to the core issues.

Skilled negotiators learn to focus on real issues in the negotiation rather than be distracted by the other party’s movements. One should be calm and remain in control during the negotiation process for a possible win.

  • Being complimentary

Even if the other party didn’t perform well in the negotiation, it is highly advisable to congratulate them. When the other party is complimented, chances are that they will raise price for the deal.

Negotiating with a federal government requires the use of skilled tactics to come to a compromise. Failing during a negotiating can hugely affect the growth of a business, and that’s why preparation is adamant for success. Since the government representative is known in advance, the negotiator is at an advantage. It is important to allow the agent name their price first as it will give room for a powerful negotiation.


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