Motivation Mystery: How to Keep Employees Productive Article Critique

Motivation Mystery: How to Keep Employees Productive
Motivation Mystery: How to Keep Employees Productive

Motivation Mystery: How to Keep Employees Productive

The article “Motivation Mystery: How to Keep Employees Productive” by Patrick Hull is not only an interesting but also an enlightening resource. Inferring from the article, it is apparent that motivating employees in the workplace to ensure that they remain productive is a current pertinent event, which researchers have to address.

Managers have always focused on providing incentives to the employees to keep them motivated, and hence productivity. Among those that have produced the expected outcomes include bonuses, perks, amenities, education, and positive recognition. While these benefits might be optimal, it is of central importance to go well beyond the practice of providing incentives (Hull, 2013). This is especially due to the notion that incentives may not be sustainable. As such, they may change, and this might correspond with a shift in the motivation depicted by the employees.

For example, if the incentives are scaled down, it means that the worker motivation will also decline. In the light of this, while still providing the incentives, it is important to devise another strategy to maintain the employees’ morale. The course that Zappos, which is an online clothing and shoe company based in Las Vegas, is a benchmark model (Hull, 2013). The firm does not provide extraordinary perks for the employees. Instead, the Chief Executive Officer has created a corporate culture that elicits and maintains happiness, and which builds loyalty among the employees.

To conclude, it is perceptible that organizations have to be highly innovative in their employee motivation practices. Not all methods, such as the provision of integrated incentives, can ensure long-term motivation and productivity subsequently. It is suggested that managers should focus on creating a culture that creates happiness and loyalty among the workers.


Hull, P. (2013). Motivation Mystery: How to Keep Employees Productive. Forbes. Retrieved from

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