Motivation and Performance Essay Paper

Motivation and Performance
Motivation and Performance

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Motivation and Performance

Motivation and performance are two vital concepts of productivity irrespective of the underlying factors that instigate them, whether in a service providing or a manufacturing environment. According to Robertson, Birch & Cooper (2012), motivation of any extent among employees or students in working or education settings respectively is undeniably the most imperative determinant of satisfaction and subsequently performance due to effective and efficient utilization of resources with minimal wastage and optimal efforts towards achieving the set outcomes.

As a result, considering the challenge of limited resources balancing between motivation and task satisfaction has become very essential (Robbins & Judge, 2013).              

Motivation and Performance

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Cooper (2013) noted that motivation is the desire to not only do but also actualize things, making it the most crucial element in setting and achieving goals which is to a greater extent influenced by self-control. Thus, motivation is usually what stimulates us to act and it involves the process of initiating, guiding, and maintaining behaviors that are goal-oriented (Brief & Weiss, 2012).

This is without any doubt the main reason why talent and ambition are not the sole predictors of whether someone will push until a certain goal is achieved or quit along the way. Hence, this validates the suggestion by Wade and Tavris that the source of someone’s motivation is a crucial factor to determine whether the set goal is achieved including the need to perform excellently in front of others or the satisfaction achieved from learning a task (Brief & Weiss, 2012).       

Motivation and Performance

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Schultz & Schultz (2014) emphasize that performance goals are vital in determining someone’s motivation as well as satisfaction irrespective of whether a task is performed personally or in front of others or assigned by someone else. A focus on this assertion makes it clear that anyone who has ever set a goal to achieve, has through motivation and envisaged satisfaction to urgently realize that by simply having the interest of accomplishing it is not enough (Brief & Weiss, 2012).

Cooper (2013) notes that achieving such performance goals require persistence through obstacles as well as endurance to keep pushing on irrespective of the difficulties which are faced along the process since the satisfaction expected from actualizing such a task is enough to motivate sustained action. Thus, with regards to performance goals, motivation is usually determined by three main components such as activation of the desire, persistence and intensity.

Mastery goals are undoubtedly the most important link between motivation and satisfaction (Cooper, 2013). This is attributable to the fact that, the motivation of performing well in front of others as well as learning a task due to satisfaction attained from it requires not only commitment, but also mastery of the task for satisfactory performance.

As a result, in order to ensure mastery goals with regards to a particular task are achieved someone should always endeavor to increase satisfaction in learning the task for improved motivation, subsequently leading to better performance and increased efficiency (Robbins & Judge, 2013).     

Motivation and Performance

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The effect of praise is also crucial in influencing the motivation to perform better in front of others and achieve satisfaction in learning a particular task. Hence, in order to sustain praise from others concentration must be focused on contentment, optimism, enthusiasm, and teamwork among colleagues in order to help the task flourish (Robertson, Birch & Cooper, 2012). Schultz & Schultz (2014) noted that the effect of praise is also strongly associated with the feelings of worth whereby someone’s motivation and satisfaction is driven by his/her mental outlook in believing that he/she is valuable or appreciated, which results to continued effort to maintain the praise. 

Expectations and self-efficacy are also naturally linked to motivation and satisfaction because optimism enables someone to hope for the best outcome, especially in challenging or difficult circumstances (Cooper, 2013). Furthermore, self-efficacy with regards to a task’s motivation and satisfaction refer to someone’s emotional condition and the driving force in pursuing and satisfying one’s needs in order to achieve contentment according to Maslow’s theory of needs (Brief & Weiss, 2012).                           


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