Business Analysis of the Movie “Moneyball” Movie Review

"Moneyball" Movie Review
“Moneyball” Movie Review

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Business Analysis of the Movie “Moneyball” Movie Review


The purpose of this assignment is to pull together everything you have learned throughout your business degree – and to provide an integrated analysis. To do this, you need to pick a movie (some examples are provided below) By an integrated analysis, I am referring to analyses of the management, financial, marketing and sales, operations, and other relevant systems inside of the organization. So, you should think about the organization as a system and each of these functions as subsystems of the organization.

Provide an analysis of each system and then how they work together (or do not). The maximum length is 1,000 words and an emphasis will be placed on the specific identification of each subsystem and the interaction between these subsystems. You do not need to provide an overall summary of the movie – only as it relates to understanding the analyses you provide.

Pick of the following movies:

– Boiler Room

– Moneyball

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