Mary Tyler Moore Show: Movie Review

Mary Tyler Moore Show
Mary Tyler Moore Show

Mary Tyler Moore Show: Depiction of How Powerless Women Are Movie Review


Pick two of the controversial/edgy scenes listed below, and explain in detail about what they have in common, how they exist in a dialectic. Do not pick two scenes from the same television show.

Mary Tyler Moore Show

Option 1: The scenes in which she asks for more pay

Option 2: the scenes in which the black sportscaster is thrust into the lead anchor position

Sex & The City:

Option 3: The scene in which Carrie has sex like a man

Option 4: The scenes in which Charlotte deals with locker room nudity


Option 5: The two opening sex scenes

Option 6: The scene in the abortion clinic

Option 7: The scene at the end with the gynecological examination

Your response papers should have a clear thesis and be at least 450 words long.

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