Marketing Campaign: KFC Case Study

marketing campaign
Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaign: KFC Case Study

Media Objectives

To increase sales of the sale of fried chicken by 100% through media

The marketing campaign aims at achieving a 100% increase in the sale of fried chicken around the globe. By the end of the year, KFC should have achieved a 100% sale in fried chicken. The sales will be increased by conducting a comprehensive marketing campaign that will reach the young adults and teenagers. The company is identifying the need to become health conscious. It will ensure that it that they provide customers with healthy fried chicken by offering free salads.  The marketing campaign will not concentrate on marketing fried chicken but also encourage healthy eating habit and brand the organization as a health-conscious organization.

To increase the market share by 10%

In terms of market share, McDonald’s is ahead of KFC in the globe market. A survey on which fast food chain provides the best burger and fries concluded that 34% of the respondents noted that they prefer McDonald’s and 10% choose KFC (Lang & Heasman 2015). On burgers, KFC was the most preferred choice with 15% followed by McDonald’s at 10%. 

When it comes to globe market share of the MacDonald’s takes the lead with a market share of 17% followed by KFC with 10.8% (Lang & Heasman 2015). KFC should focus on increasing market share to become a leader in the global market share. The company intends to attract teenagers and young adults who are the main fast food consumers.  The marketing campaign should increase market share by 10% to put KFC ahead of McDonald’s and make it the leading fast food company in the globe.

To increase awareness about KFC products on burgers, and fried chicken

KFC must create awareness about products it is offering. Market analysis indicates that Starbucks and McDonalds have managed to make products known around the globe. KFC must generate interest in their products mainly the teenagers and adults.  The marketing campaign will focus on creating awareness and improving KFC brand awareness in the globe.

To create brand loyalty

KFC campaign aims at retaining 80% of the target market. In the past, KFC has employed various media marketing strategies that have increased the market share, but this time the company will also be looking for a way to retain market share. They will heavily rely on using various forms of media to reach this objective. The marketing campaign will focus on showing the customer experience and explaining to customers why they should continue visiting KFC. The marketing campaign will introduce KFC loyalty cards which will be used to reward customers who visit KFC many times.

Media Mix

Media mix uses various communication channels to achieve the marketing objectives. Using a combination of media channels enables accompany to effectively communicate products. An effective media mix ensures that the right message gets to the right audience (Babin & Zikmund 2015). In marketing, a company identifies the target market. For instance, the main strategy audience for KFC is the young adults and teenagers.

It is important to use media mix to ensure that the company reaches a maximum number of the target market. An effective marketing mix aligns with buying stage of the consumers. Once a company creates rawness of products it must convince consumers to make the buying decision.  For instance, KFC can create awareness by placing an advert on movies but can further influence the buying decision by providing detailed information about products in the fast food magazines.

The main media channel that KFC will use is placing advertisements on various Netflix movies. The channels will be used to reach global consumer since Netflix is online television that is watched by consumers around the globe.  KFC will use social media to market products.

The company will establish interactive shows on YouTube to provide young people with an opportunity to ask questions about the products. The company will increase presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, and Twitter. It will use fun video and photos to attract young people to read posts about the company and attract many people to like the pages as well. The social media will be an effective way of reaching out to young adults and teenagers. Research indicates that young adults and teenagers are likely to access the social media at least once per day (Babin & Zikmund 2015).

KFC will employ various marketing strategies to reach out to teenagers. The company will use various advertisements channels that have been successfully used by companies such as Apple (Pelsmacker & Kitchen 2014). The company will use student media to market products. Various schools have their own media channels.

The company will start working together with media of various schools to place advertisements on high schools newspapers and college radio stations. KFC can also start supporting various activities in high school and colleges. For instance, KFC can start supporting high school football and use these platform to market its products. The company will further place flyers in places that are frequently visited by students such as coffee shops, and record stores. 

The company can use the opportunity to interact with young people and acquire contact information. The company can further use mobile phones to text young people and communicate with them directly on announcement and offers. Research indicates that the young people like texting hence the company can use texts to further influence the purchasing decisions of the young adults and teenager (Pelsmacker & Kitchen 2014).

Media Schedule

Scheduling is used to show the patterns of time in which advertisements will run. Scheduling is used to allocate time slots to ensure that an advertisement reaches the target audience. There are three main models of scheduling that are used in advertising continuity, flighting and pulsing. Continuity model is used for advertisements that run throughout the year (Licciardello 2013). The flighting model advertises products in intervals. For instance, advertisements activities are increased during the season that the demand for the products is increasing.

The pulsing model employs the continuity and flighting schedule aspects. KFC will make use of the pulsing model. It will use heavy advertisement during the peak period.  KFC will make use of heavy advertisements such as placing adverts on movies during peak periods such as festive period but also use social media and high school media to advertise products through the year.

Media Scheduling Table

Adverting on NetflixSummer Period (June and September). Fast food thrive during summer periodThe advertisement will run for one minutesThe advertisements should  run in all popular shows.
 Festive period (December) Festive periods cause a decline in fast food sales hence it is important to advertise to attract more customers during festive periodsOne minute advertisementsThe advertisements should appear on every commercial break
High School AdvertisementsMay-June during football seasonWhole  DayKFC will interact with students and hand them flyers throughout the day
High School and College publicationsJanuary-DecemberOne pageOnce per month
Social MediaJanuary-December Update social media pages everyday

Budget Allocation

The company will mainly use three channels of advertising the social media, supporting high school football and advertising on Netflix. The estimated average cost of advertising using the Twitter is $ 3000 per month, and Facebook is $ 2500 per month (Percy 2015).  The average price of advertising on Netflix is $ 350 per day. However, the costs of advertising on Netflix will vary depending on the duration of time the advertisements will take place and on the shows that the company chooses. The budget allocations are indicated in the table below

MediaEstimated Costs
Advertising on Netflix ( placing advertisements in popular shows and advertisements run for 1 minute) $ 12,000,000
Social media $ 160,000
Supporting High school football$8,000,000
Other advertisements such as putting flyers in high school and colleges and advertising on high school and college publications$ 8,000

Media Evaluation

Media evaluation determines the effectiveness of the media tools that are used by a company. Media evaluation determines if the media that was used to communicate the message was effective in getting the message to the target audience.

KFC will make use qualitative and quantitative media evaluation to measures the effectiveness of campaign (Christensen 2015). Qualitative media evaluation will involve conducting a survey to determine if the media campaign had a positive influence on the target market.

The survey will be conducted at the end of the year, to determine if the message was received by target market and how it influenced the target market. The quantitative media evaluation will involve measuring the success of the campaign through the company revenues and advertising costs. Increase in sales will indicate that the campaign was successful


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