Maritime Security Act

Maritime Security Act
Maritime Security Act

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Maritime Security Act

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Discuss the Maritime Security Act 

Discuss OECD: Security in Maritime Transport 

How do we balance maritime risk factors with economic impact?

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Discuss maritime security act

In 2002, the updated Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) was adopted and the approval was done in 2004 in all the states in America. The act stipulated the distinct requirements to specific vessels, mainly when it comes to the liquefied natural and oil gas tankers. The reason for this is that it posed a high danger to the security episode. An automatic identification system was to be attached to all the tankers that are flagged as foreign.

The system is vital in the supervision and tracking all the vessels that are present in the U.S waters. Moreover, the sea Marshalls have the authority to accompany any gas and oil tankers when they are moving from the ports until they reach their final destination (Maritime transportation Security Act, 2017). 

Furthermore, all the vessels need moving in the US waters are required to have a certified security plan. It provides a description of what is to be done in the case of an emergency, the liable people during the incident, the technical provisions to ensure the security of the cargo and the people on board. Additionally, it also factors in the port security. The ports are required to have a detailed security plan that ensure that any incident that may cause harm or damage is mitigated. Finally, it focuses on ensuring that there is a harmonious professional relation between the federal and local personnel in ensuring pot and vessel security (Maritime transportation Security Act, 2017)……

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