Management style

Management style
Management style

Management style

A consideration of telecommuting from the perspective of managerial decisions means that, a lateral direction model of managerial decisions has to be adopted whereby the manager has to engage employees outside an organizational work place that is centralized (Sardeshmukh, Sharma & Golden, 2012). According to Matthews & Williams (2012), the management style has to change from classical management styles to Laissez-faire management style where most of employees work by telecommuting.

In this style of management, employees are motivated to work independently and allowed to nurture their creativity by getting a chance for their ideas to flourish. The management should then provide guidance when need and facilitate brainstorming in decision-making, which makes the manager to seem more of a mentor instead of a leader (Matthews & Williams, 2012). This makes it difficult to accomplish common objectives, which require frequent meetings to exchange ideas due to lack of trust and teamwork originating from the lack of frequent face-to-face contact (Sardeshmukh et al., 2012).

In this style, management takes a hands-off approach to leadership.

Staff is trusted to do their work without supervision, and they are left to control their decision making and problem-solving.

Management is present at the delegation and delivery stages of work, but otherwise steps back and gives staff the freedom to control their workflow and outcomes. Management is only involved during the process if the staff requests their assistance.


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