Management and Managers

Management and Managers
Management and Managers

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Management and Managers

      Managing large companies is a complicated task. It is extremely vital that effective managers possess many abilities, knowledge and skills. It is worth noting that management is a process that is unpredictable. The decision making process is usually hard; even the most effective managers make wrong decisions. However, extremely effective managers learn from previous mistakes and strive in the future to come up with methods of helping their companies increase competitive advantage, survive in a volatile business environment s and improve performance. Essay to reflect on management and managers.

Background of the key issues                                                                                                 

Managers supervise how the social capital and other tangible resources are used in achieving the organizations’ goal. There is an extreme need for coordinating these resources over time. The resources in an organization included assets (people and the skills they possess), knowledge and know-how, financial capital, IT and computers, raw materials and machinery.

            One of the most significant goals of an organization is to provide a unique service or product that is desired by customers (Anonymous, 2).The CEO has the key goal of ensuring a novel stream of services and products are created, and which customers desire to buy. High effectiveness/ low efficiency managers select the right goals to be pursued but manage resources poorly in the process of achieving the goals. The result is a product that is desired by the customer but is too expensive.  

The customers cannot afford to buy the product. Low effectiveness/ low efficiency managers select the wrong goals and utilize resources poorly. The impact is a product of low-quality, and that is not desired by customers. High effectiveness/ low efficiency managers select right goals and use resources wisely to fulfill the goals. The impact is a product that is bought at a price and quality that the customer can afford. Low effectiveness/ high efficiency managers select inappropriate goals, but use resources wisely to achieve them. The result is a product of high quality and that customers do not want.

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Management and Managers

            Managers can lessen the burden of management through the creation of management teams. In the teams, employees learn new things and come up with ways on how effectiveness and efficiency can be improved in the organization. The teams ensure spread of best practices, increased business awareness, vision driven decisions and ideas can be contributed which makes decision making easy. When teams meet regularly, there is improved communication which leads to other good practices (Heerkens, 39).

Management and Managers

Examples of companies

            Werner von Siemens innovated generators and Siemens, medical devices. The hospital administrators, nurses and doctors, have the key role of increasing the hospital’s ability to treat the sick. Likewise McDonald’s restaurant manager has to ensure that the shakes, fries and burgers produced are what customers want to purchase and eat. These activities have to be undertaken following the set code of practice, regulations, rules and standards. 

            A manager has the role of ensuring that employees perform efficiently, with the use of minimum resources as possible, to produce services and products to customer. McDonald has been successful in developing an extremely efficient deep fryer that reduced the oil amount used in cooking by thirty percent and accelerated French fries cooking. Welner von Siemens developed the 1st dynamo that enabled cheaper electricity production.

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            According to Lormax (14), organizations become effective if managers select suitable goals and achieve them. For instance, McDonald managers decided that breakfast service will be provided so as to attract additional customers. This goal’s choice has proven to be extremely smart since breakfast food sales currently account for over thirty percent of McDonald revenues. Organizations that are considered high performing such as ASDA, IKEA, Intel, Siemens, McDonald and Accenture are effective and efficient simultaneously. Effective managers select appropriate organizational goals and utilize skills and resources efficiently.

            To illustrate planning in action, the situation that Dell Computer’s CEO, Michael Dell, is confronting is an apt example. Dell was nineteen years old in 1984, and he saw a chance to enter Personal Computers market through assembling PCs and consequently selling them to customers directly. He began thinking on how to actualize the idea. He decided that his aim was to sell inexpensive PCs, at a price lower than Compaq’s.

Consequently, he has to choose the course of action to achieve the goal. Dell decided to market directly to customers by the use of a telephone and bypass Apple’s and Compaq’s computer stores that are expensive (Nelson, 46). To date, managers at Dell have to plan continually so as to maintain their position as the highest- performing and largest PC maker.

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Future recommendations

            It is extremely vital that managers take advantage of e-commerce and IT, and the ability they have in reducing operation costs. In addition, senior management teams and CEOs should focus to outsource specific activities and restructure the organization so as to ensure they do not have more employees than is necessary. Organizations should engage in workforce empowerment so as to expand the responsibilities, tasks and knowledge of their employees.

In addition, there is a need for self-managed teams, which ensures quality enhancement. It is advisable to the top management to get a picture of how customers respond to their products and services so as to be able to modify them as necessary.

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