Making an Ethical Decision

Making an Ethical Decision
Making an Ethical Decision

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Week 2: Making an Ethical Decision

“Ethics is not definable, is not implementable, because it is not conscious; it involves not only our thinking, but also our feeling.”
Valdemar W. Setzer, Brazilian anthropologist


The focus this week is on the skill of making an ethical decision, which begins with a discussion of ethical theories and ends with the application process used in making a decision. Students should be able to understand how the various theories are used to make and evaluate a decision.

Theme 1: The Importance of Ethical Theory to making Ethical Decisions in Business

The study of concepts such as justice, good and evil behavior, moral right and wrong, values and mores have been the fodder of theologists, philosophers and legal scholars for centuries. Understanding some of the major theories will help to answers ethical dilemmas that occur in the workplace today.


Ethical Theory

Ethical Theory: An Overview – Part 1

Ethical Theory: An Overview – Part 2

A Framework for Making Ethical Decisions

A Framework for Thinking Ethically


Kant’s Theory

Business Ethics-Ethical Behavior

Theme 2: Determining Ethical Behavior is the Hardest Part of Studying Ethics

Making an Ethical Decision

Determining an ethical answer to an ethical dilemma is difficult for an individual or corporation. Doing so requires a process or mechanism to identify the ethical issue or question and then gain an understanding of ethical theories and/or moral guidelines (e.g. personal or corporate code of ethics) to arrive at functional choices from which a decision can be made. This week, the best way to make an ethical decision and the major categories that ethical dilemmas in business occur are examined.


Ethical Decision Making

Ethical Egoism

Chapter 2 Saylor Business Ethics

Moral Issues Facing Employees

Making the Best “Right” Decision


Participate in Week 2 learning activities

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