Leadership in health promotion

Leadership in health promotion
Leadership in health promotion

Leadership in health promotion

Leadership in health promotion is about the ability of the community to grasp the health concept and believe in what is being told to them. For instance, a leader who is influential and outspoken is likely to attract more followers and listeners than a leader who simply offers direction without influence (Street, Gold & Manning, 2013). In a leadership search for leaders to apply in a health promotion program, several categories of leaders can be used. Here is an explanation of the role and categorization for each.


A professional is a person who studies a particular vocation and manages to grasp the concepts associated with the vocation. It may not be specifically associated with a particular vocation; but a leader will likely opt for certain decisions and choices over others if they subscribe to a particular vocation (Street, Gold & Manning, 2013). Professions such as public health and nursing offer such vocational leadership in health promotion.


Students present a second category that is very important for the societal decisions that one has to make concerning the use of a product. They can critique and even promote a product very well. With the hand wash product for instance, it may not be possible to use the product on all prospective clients. However, advising them using influential students preferably from the medical profession can really change how they perceive these products.


            Leadership in health promotion is very critical. It determines the perception of the prospective clients on a particular product (Street, Gold & Manning, 2013). However, where the leaders chosen are either professionals from the health field or the students partaking health-related courses, they are likely to promote the health product better than members of society who subscribe to different values would. Medicine gives these leaders the ability to reason not only from the client’s point of view but from a public health point of view. 


Street, R. L., Gold, W. R., & Manning, T. R. (2013). Health promotion and interactive technology: Theoretical applications and future directions. Routledge.

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