Leadership Command Philosophy Interview Essay

Leadership Command Philosophy
Leadership Command Philosophy

Leadership Command Philosophy

Being the CEO of the organization named Drugs and Co., I find myself competent enough to lead the organization diligently. There are many traits of the leader which need to be inculcated in one’s personality so that one can hold this position confidently. The leadership quality is based on various types of leadership theories. These theories depict the importance of behavior, nature and demeanor which play significant role in shaping the overall personality of a leader. The point of argument is that as far as my personality is concerned, I feel that my leadership abilities are the combination of charisma, democratic spirit and motivational leadership.

My organization demands that I provide sufficient moral and physical support to the employees so that they may feel comfortable at the workplace. In order to ensure that the employees feel relaxed, I would employ the use of motivational leadership at the first place. For this purpose, I would arrange regular informal meetings to get the point of view of the employees.

This type of leadership is called the participatory type of leadership. It is the useful technique which helps the employees to find the way and solution regarding the problem at hand. It also keeps the employees involved in the organization so that they intend to own the organization. This would enable me to get any idea about their feelings, apprehensions and issues. The reason is that, the organization which I own is based on the very tough routine and it requires the rigorous research and exploration.

The laboratory technicians are the experts who need peaceful environment to find out the chemical formulas of new drugs. These drugs are then required to be transferred to the medical stores. In order to enable the employees to make the good quality drugs I would invite their expertise (Müller, Geraldi & Turner, 2012). In addition to that, I would also make the use of my physical charisma and the authoritative decision making. I have the great quality of eloquence with the help of which I can motivate them to take risky decisions.

I conducted the interview of the CEO of an international company who has an experience of working for two years in that organization. While answering the question related to the most challenging issue he faced during his leadership tenure, he said that the most difficult task was to carry out the conflict resolution among the employees. There are many instances in which the compromise seems not to be reached among the team due to the difference of opinion.

He told that he used to manage this situation by taking the individual opinion of the contesting parties. After getting the views, he used to decide the case in the light of the best possible options. After giving the final verdict, the CEO used to arrange the joint meeting of the employees to tell them about his decision.

          While replying to the question regarding the best possible solution to the problem of leadership, the CEO said that it is best to observe patience and tolerance in the conflicting situation. Instead of getting into the head on collision with the employees and harassing them, it is rational that the employees are asked to calm down and leave the place. They must be given the relaxed environment to ponder over the situation more critically. It is the possibility that they would realize their mistake and become able to take rational decision.

He also told that in majority of the cases, this strategy worked for him. However, as an alternative he used to use his authoritative approach in those cases in which the employees exhibited the egoistic behavior. In those situation, it was necessary to bring their steadfastness under control. Had he not employed this tactics, the situation would have gone out of controls.

          The analysis of this interview shows that there is not a single leadership type or skill which can be employed in the practical life. The best approach is to use multiple types of leaderships to tackle the employees. The reason is that the employees vary from one another as far as their nature and temperament is concerned. Moreover, the leaders are required to make a rational decision about the type of leadership.

Had I been involved in the similar situation, I would have also gone for the same strategy of using the combination of different types of leadership. The reason is that the position of a leader is very dynamic and he needs to be very receptive to this fact (Zhu, Kraut & Kittur, 2012). In addition to that, I would have tried to keep my emotions under control so that my weaknesses were not evident in front of the employees.

          I would have also gone for the option of getting the grip on the rules and regulations of the organization. This would help me in making the decisions according to the rules of law. As a result, there would be the rare chances of any objections raised on my credibility. I would also try to win the confidence of the employees through my friendly behavior with them. Risk taking strategy should also be used to keep the employees attentive and ready to take new initiatives (Miner, 2015).

I would also use my charisma and eloquence so that the employees may focus the attention on my views. This type of leadership is called charismatic leadership. It is the sort of leadership which helps a lot in those situations in which no other strategy works and the employees are not ready to work unanimously. Sometimes, the conflict needs to be mediated through the presence of some compromising personalities who may lead the team through their holistic approach.

In order to ensure that, I would keep a committee of some of the competent people who can accompany me during the conduction of the meetings (Goleman, Boyatzis & McKee, 2013). The decision making needs to be very much tactical to avoid the unfair situations.

          Keeping in view the critical analysis and summary of the interview, it is concluded that the leadership modalities need to be employed through the deliberation. The competent leaders are those who keep the team bound together in the hour of both distress and happiness. They are the people with exemplary capabilities and have high level of self-esteem.

As far as their role in the organization is concerned, it is pertinent to mention that the leaders are not required to stay stubborn and rigid. Instead of that, the leaders need to be very much tolerant and accommodating so that they can control the situation and turn the tide of events. Keeping in view all these comments, I find myself to be in a better position to lead the team in a better way.


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