Leadership Command Philosophy and Interview Paper

Leadership Command Philosophy
Leadership Command Philosophy

Leadership Command Philosophy and Interview Paper


 Leadership in military service is unique as it expects the leaders to thrive in dynamic and complex life situations. The leaders are expected to think critically regarding their personal skills, philosophies, core leadership competencies and limitations and ways to apply these capacities at hand.1 This requires a strong understanding of leadership. In this context, this paper evaluates the three key elements of leadership namely, leadership philosophy, interview of commander and analysis of the commander’s interview using my leadership philosophy guide.

Leadership Command Philosophy

 To become a successful leader, personal beliefs of leadership must be consistent with the principles and values of the organization as served. In this context, I believe that leadership is not a skill that can be taught or mastered, but rather a continuous journey of learning, self-discovery and growth. This journey involves self-awareness, an important factor for effective leadership. 

Renowned philosopher Socrates stated that life that is unexamined is not worth living it. This implies that effective leadership is obtained from leaders that understand themselves i.e. view issues, challenges and team members through personal lenses.  I believe in questioning of the applicability of the strategies proposed to ensure that they are not biased and respect individual’s rights and autonomy. This facilitates in understanding my strength, weakness, and motivations.3

 One of the driving forces in my leadership styles is personal ethics. I tend to demonstrate the passions of my work by practicing ethical values are consistent with the core values of the Airforce- which are ‘integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do.’ This ensures that my relationship with the team members are long term and meaningful. Additionally, my leadership philosophy is to keep my workplace fun, with sense of pride and ownership. As a leader, one is expected to set good command of climate.

I believe that to get most out of my personnel, I have to let them enjoy their work place, but in an accountable manner. As a leader, I understand that I am held liable for all actions conducted in my work space. For this reason, I ensure that the team members hold each other liable for the actions and decision made. This is by focusing on the personal behaviours and not personality. This ensures that the team members to respect each other.1

Leadership Command Philosophy

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To earn respect as a leader, it is important to make the team feel respected and to understand that their contributions and opinions are appreciated. This is because no one has the capacity to tackle all the challenges, and good ideas can be generated from all ranks.  Lastly, I believe in self-development and self-awareness. I have the key role to ensure that I empower other team members to ensure that there is continuity of effective leadership in this team.

This is because I have been privileged to interact with great leaders who devoted their efforts on mentoring me in various leadership levels, and correcting my mistake.  From these mentorship programs, I now understand that being an effective mentor is more than sitting with the team members to conduct yearly reviews, but rather having respect and trust to integrate them in critical issues whenever they arise.2

 “Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm”2 Publilius Syrus opened the interview of great inspirational commanders in the Air force. The commander indicates that leadership is a rough sea. This has made him develop a philosophy that people are aligned with purpose and connected by their integrity.

The commander’s decision making process is influenced by his leadership philosophy which occurs in shape of a follower, before embarking on his leadership roles. The decision making process indicates that he carriers out tasks with the aim of achieving influential outcome. According to this interview, when he is assigned tasks, he strives to understand why the work really matters, and the information gathered enables him to make decisions that are ethical and unbiased, and he is able to prioritize between the tasks.3

Leadership Command Philosophy

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The skills and core competencies applied by the commander’s to address the issues to be resolved include the personal values, team and organizational principles. He understands that these three leadership competencies are interrelated and are effective for problem solving. By understanding the rationale and importance of the assigned works, the leader is able to incorporate the team members, communicates effectively to ensure that they understand their common purpose.

The sense of mission developed from this process not only motivates the team members but also aligns them towards achieving the expected goal.   The leader states that using the right frameworks during decision making such as applying the most effective methods to communicate missions consistently and clearly and early assessment of the impacts facilitates in decision making process, improving the delivery of the expected purpose.1

The commander take criticism for any decision made positively, which improves their professional development. As he narrates, in his first years of leadership, I overlooked the connection between performance and integrity. For instance, I would be assigned critical tasks that needed to be performed in certain manner, and within a speculated time. In most of the tome, I would accomplish the task, but under my terms and conditions.

This influenced my relationship with his supervisors in a negative manner. He underwent several disciplinary actions, and mentorship programs that helped him understand that effective interaction consists of three critical issues namely accountability, trust and integrity.3

 As observed throughout the interview, his first word in his credo is people. He values he individuals he works with, the peers, subordinate staff, peers and superiors. This commander relied on the resources from these peers to undertake all the tasks assigned. According to his views, he conducts all tasks assigned by putting human dimensions, missions and aspects into perspective.2

Leadership Command Philosophy

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 From this assessment, it is evident that leadership philosophy is not an easy task as to consist of endless numbers of theories, experiences, diagrams and endless list of personal, people and organization’s considerations. However, the most intriguing fact about this course is development of individual’s philosophy. My leadership philosophy reminds me that my sole purpose in the military service is to serve the nation. 

This implies that in this line of career, I am not the sole author of my destiny, and that success is a by-product of team effort. As shown in the interview, the opinions of every person about the future of their leadership are relevant only if it aligns with the vision of the commanders.3

The leaders in all organization have the responsibilities to understand the realities and challenges facing them, and in recognition of the emerging opportunities to meet these challenges. From my leadership philosophy, it is evident that for people to adapt without jeopardizing the core values of the organization there is need to develop a clear commitment and understanding of all organization members objectively.1

Additionally, the key to unleashing people’s full potential is through the actualization of visions that occur by creating the right organizational climate. This is because an organization where people remain uninspired by the type of their work,   have low self-confidence, are concerned with increased criticism and  lacks support and feedback of their performances are less likely to improve their performance. This implies that the leaders must understand the importance of the team members, help them understand and visualise what is expected of their actions and how these actions will be monitored. 3

However, within the established boundaries, they must feel valued, appreciated and freedom to experiment their innovative new ideas. The leaders must understand that the cohesiveness of the team at work place or even in their off duty is very important. This is a climate that must be established in all departments.  As a leader, my primary role is to facilitate achievement. This implies that as a leader, I influence more how the team members think than commanding the work. My role is to tell the team members where to go, but they must figure it by themselves on ways to get them there. 2

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As indicated by this course work, the leaders influence the way of thinking of the team members. The leaders are expected to ensure that feedback is provided throughout the organization, and that performance (whether bad or good) is recognized. The leaders must understand that the success of an organization is determined by the cohesiveness on the people working under their commands.


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