Lab Report Assignment

Lab Report
Lab Report

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Lab Report

Students are required to write a laboratory report, not exceeding 1,500 words in accordance with APA (American Psychological Association, 6th edition) formatting requirements.

The report is based on the experiment conducted in laboratory classes during Week 3 of the semester. The report should include: 

  • A literature review and critique of the relevant literature. 
  • A formulation of the problem (rationale and aim). 
  • A statement of the research hypothesis. 
  • A critique of the study. 

Suggested Readings: 

  • The Stroop Effect– original paper on the Stroop Effect
  • What is Mindfulness?- a paper trying to operationalise Mindfulness
  • Selective Attention IMPROVES under stress- this paper argues that being stressed can improve attention performance
  • Selective Attention is IMPAIRED by stress- this paper argues that stress impairs selective attention (although using a different task to us to measure attention BUT a similar method of inducing stress)

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