Investment Management Questions

Investment Management
Investment Management

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Investment Management

  • Assume that the company is announcing an unexpectedly large dividend to its shareholders. In an efficient market without information leakage, one might expect:
  • Which one of the following would provide evidence against the semi strong form of the efficient market theory?
  • According to the efficient market hypothesis:
  • A “random walk” occurs when:
  • A market anomaly refers to:
  • In an efficient market, professional portfolio management can offer all of the following benefits except:
  • “Highly variable stock prices suggest that the market does not know how to price stocks.” Respond.
  • Which of the following sources of market inefficiency would be most easily exploited?
  • Dollar-cost averaging means that you buy equal dollar amounts of a stock every period, for example, $500 per month. The strategy is based on the idea that when the stock price is low, your fixed monthly purchase will buy more shares, and when the price is high, fewer shares. Averaging over time, you will end up buying more shares when the stock is cheaper and fewer when it is relatively expensive. Therefore, by design, you will exhibit good marketing timing. Evaluate this strategy.

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