Integrated Theory of Behavioral Change

Integrated Theory of Behavioral Change
Integrated Theory of Behavioral Change

Integrated Theory of Behavioral Change

      Health care professionals and practitioners use theory in practice and apply it in rendering or conducting patient care and as leaders determining and promoting system change. A health behavior change I would choose is the integrated theory of behavioral change which is a new mid-range descriptive theory. I believe that an individual’s health is influenced by their behavior and such improvement in health can be achieved by managing chronic conditions or employing health promotion practices (Ryan, 2009).

      Health promotion, requires individuals to come up with healthy behavior variations which positively influence health. These practices include activity and exercise, management of stress, moderate alcohol consumption, proper nutrition, and cessation of smoking. Prevention behaviors such as cancer screening and immunization are also vital. Therefore, for primary health promotion, healthy lifestyles must be incorporated to improve and maintain people’s health status.

This assumption goes hand in hand with health models such as the health belief model. For example, a person’s perceived susceptibility, a severity of an illness and the benefits of taking action will influence the person’s health-related behavior. Therefore, he/she will address any health concern by changing the behavior.  For instance, an individual would abstain from sexual behavior to avoid the possibility of contracting HIV/AIDS.

 The trans-theoretical model also advocates for behavioral change through some stages for modification of lifestyle. This will help clients adopt new positive changes in lifestyle which is important in their health promotion and maintenance (Ryan, 2009).  The theory of planned behavior also assists in understanding the various ways we can change people’s behavior through a prediction of deliberate conduct. This behavior influences a person’s lifestyle; therefore, the knowledge and beliefs stated in the theory help understand health behavior.


Ryan, P. (2009). An integrated theory of health behavior change: background and intervention development. Clinical nurse specialist CNS, 23(3), 161.

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