Infrastructure as a Service: Case Study

Infrastructure as a Service
Infrastructure as a Service

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Infrastructure as a Service: Case Study

With the market evolution and growing demand for service-based cloud computing infrastructure, there exists a need for reputable cloud infrastructure service providers to improvise the traditional platforms. Though there are other services provided by the magic quadrant, the paper only evaluates cloud compute infrastructure as a service provider. Cloud computing is a service that offers flexible information technology components through the use of the internet.

Cloud computing infrastructure has evolved from being offered as a physical component to a service and still ably competes with data centers and infrastructure based IT initiatives. Other elements of the service-based infrastructural market are cloud printing and cloud storage. However, cloud computing consists the largest market of the cloud Compute Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). The paper provides an evaluation of cloud computing IaaS with the vendors that are known to offer the service.

As a major component of the magic quadrant, cloud computing infrastructure as a service is an automatic and standardized component that allows computer resources to be transferred to customers by service providers on demand. The computer resources can be shared by different tenants or by a single tenant and hosted by the service provider or on customer’s premises. The service infrastructure offers user-interfaces directly to the client.

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Cloud infrastructure can be in the form of a service or a technology platform. Cloud infrastructure as a service is advantageous to the technology platform in that it offers direct services to the customer through self-service. However, there are capabilities that the technology platform offers that the service infrastructure is unable to perform on its own. Cloud computing IaaS has to use cloud-enabled system infrastructure to offer activities such as outsourcing and data-enabled hosting. Still, on its own, cloud computing IaaS is capable of providing a variety of offerings to the customer.

Gartner clients have a dire need to control IT operations. The evaluation covers the needs of the clients ranging from enterprises, retail and technology firms. The quadrant talks about the development, analysis, and production of the cloud computing IaaS internally and externally. The service hosts diverse workloads for a range of design application. Through the magic quadrant, an emphasis is given to standardized self-service and automation.

Magic Quadrants serve the different needs of customers. Customers are more interested in self-service cloud computing infrastructure. To make the service more reliable, it can still be complemented by negligible amounts of dedicated servers.

The magic quadrants offer customized services to organizations that need the service or that want to supplement their traditional hosting platform. Magic Quadrants for Managed Hosting are cloud computing service providers based in North America, Asia, and Europe. The quadrants also provide custom-made cloud computing services for outsourcing of data and utility offerings.

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The providers of IaaS are known for offering exceptionally high-quality services that have a high-performance rate. Also, the providers are always available for customer’s inquiries and support. The magic quadrant specifies unique providers that were evaluated. The providers are profiled about their strengths and weaknesses.

Characteristics of Magic Quadrant vendors include:

1.    Ownership of private and public cloud services. The customers are placed on standard infrastructure and cloud-enabled tools.

2.    The providers lay emphasis on hybrid IT elements but with a view on security and self-service control. Though some of the providers target start-ups, they normally lack the capabilities needed by big organizations. It, therefore, becomes important for the selected providers to provide unique offerings that allow easy access to cloud computing infrastructure.

3.    Most of the vendors combine resilient support with maintenance windows for efficient service provision.

4.    Providers mostly do not oversubscribe Random Access Memory resources, but those that do not assure of allocations of resources are identified and noted. However, not all providers have the same storage capability, and it is only those in the quadrant that offer alternatives for storage purposes.

5.    Most of the vendors possess extra SLAs to provide extensive network services, customer services and all of the customer’s inquiries.

6.    Customers define the scope of the services offered hence the infrastructural service is not automatic. For that reason, some providers specialize in offering disaster recovery in case customers want to re-instate the services. Vendors support virtual networking that is secure with the inclusion of firewall. The providers have extra security services that they offer to their customers at varying amounts depending on the customer. Self-service allows customers to bring their portals and VM image.

8.    Finally, after evaluation, the vendors were found to be financially stable, offer contracts in English, sign contracts with clients and provide managed services on Iaas cloud computing.

As a student, the analysis has given an insight on evolution of technology and how traditional computing methods are being replaced with modern technology. Globalization of services and customer’s demand for technology that they can have control over has driven the invention of the Magic Quadrant. The paper provides an overview of the gap that technology is creating in the evolving world and the need for virtual technology. Before one goes for cloud computing services, it is important to analyze the providers since some vendors do not have the required tools for provision of the service.

The paper influences the aspiration for invention in virtual technology to meet the modern market demands. The high number of vendors is attributable to the market demand and therefore means that technology innovation is the new market driving force. Career in software development is not to be underrated in the new digital era.


Gartner (2014). Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service: Case Study.

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