Implementation Plan, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plan Analysis

Implementation Plan, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plan Analysis
Implementation Plan, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plan Analysis
Strategic Plan: Implementation Plan, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plan Analysis


Netgear is a global American networking company dealing with delivery of goods to service providers, businesses and consumers. The company engages in three different business segments including commercial, retail, and service provider. Most of its products are proven technologies including Ethernet, power line and wireless-Wi-Fi. The products distributed by the company are usually reliable and easy to use. The company has over 28,000 retail shops all over the world with its headquarters in San Jose, Calif (Mandy, 2015).

Implementation, strategic controls, and contingency plan

Netgear requires new methods of growth, revenue sources, and product distribution. The implementation plan will identify the best course of action that will steer the business forward including, set objectives action plans, milestones, task and task ownership, resource allocation and tactics. Financial projection with breakeven analysis chart is included in the implementation plan.

The strategic implementation plan is essential because it gives the company as the sense of direction that will lead to its success. An implementation is a strategic option where it gives reasons to draw closer to customers, get a competitive advantage and pursue growth within the organization. It helps in setting dimensions to be followed to achieve the desired outcome (Mandy, 2015).

Planning is the first step in implementing a strategy.  This involves contracting the advertising company for them to run the advert. Communicating the change to employees is an important step to ensure that they fully understand what is going on in the organization. Motivating employee especially those that will be involved will ensure the success of the plan. The management of workload that come with change will ensure that employee is not overwhelmed by contracting external resources to assist with other activities especially the advertising company (Mandy, 2015).


Objectives, as describe by many authors, refer to measurable, achievable outcomes that are meant to be reached in less or within one year. Goals are usually simple to be easily communicated to all employees from those in top management to those at the lower level. Short term objectives enable those responsible for the company desired needs to break down long-term needs and make them a reality (Mandy, 2015).

Goals are usually broken down into time frames typically from weeks, months, to below one year. Netgear primary objective will be to grow its pool of customer to ensure the increase in sales, maintain customers already in the system by coming up with more reward systems to provide revenue increase and overall growth. The marketing campaign includes giving incentives and rewards to get more clients and to maintain those already in the system (Peter & David, 2014).

Functional Tactics

Functional tactics are statements detailed with activities that the company will use to achieve its short term goals while establishing a competitive advantage.  The key activities that to be undertaken in each area include; marketing, finance, and operations that will give the company opportunity to provide services to its clients. Within the organization, corporate managers, business managers, and functional must all agree to come up with a unified strategy and functional tactics that will lead to the achievement of organizational goals (Mandy, 2015).


Implementation process would then be followed by the outsourcing of different services. Outsourcing is the process of assigning certain jobs traditionally handled by company employees to outside source to take care of it.  Outsourcing services is a strategy applied by most companies to help save money and time. Netgear will outsource the services of the best advertising company for them to market our products and services to reach our target audience (Mandy, 2015).


Policies give guidance to employees on action to be taken that will benefit the organization. Netgear Company, therefore, needs to establish a set of policies that will drive the implementation of the strategy designed. Systems usually control the actions of employees and assigning the right personnel to the task and coming up with strategies that will be used should a problem arise during the implementation process. Policies help the organization to have a clear line of operations through assigning the right employees to take up the job. The set policies include giving Netgear employees actions that are expected to be done by them to ensure the success of set objectives (Mandy, 2015).


Payment plans are used to reward employees for their good deeds or for going an extra mile to do tasks assigned to them. This happens when the company set policies to be followed by employees and those who follow them are rewarded for their actions. Netgear Company seeking to improve its overall sales will give incentives and commissions to employees who meet targets given to them as a measure to encourage everyone within the organization to go an extra mile to improve the company sales hence boosting revenue (Peter & David, 2014).

Marketing Operations

Netgear Company will resort both to internal and external marketing to promote products and increase its overall revenue. The main aim of marketing will be to get the customers to know about us and to gain their trust through providing quality services. Marketing activities will be done through TV advertisement and social media platform to ensure broad audience coverage. Those in the company front end will also be encouraged to speak freely with walk-in customers to tell others about Netgear product and services (Peter & David, 2014).

Action items

Action plans are processes carried out within or outside the organization to achieve set strategic goals. Netgear strategic goals are focused on revenue growth, increased sales and marketing activities. Action plans aim at getting customers to trust us more than our competition to ensure their continued support.  Contracting an external company to brand our advertisement will be the next step in our action plan. Company employees will also be trained on our new marketing strategies to make them equipped with the knowledge to explain to customers about our new and improved products and services (Mandy, 2015).


Milestones are objectives set by a business at a particular span of time assess its achievements. Milestones play a role in reducing investor risks regarding marketing activities, reward systems and time. Netgear corporation marketing segments will be for a span of six months at most depending on the amount to be used on a daily basis and the money quoted by the advertising company. However internal marketing will be carried out up to ten months. After all the general activities the company will then assess the impact of both internal and external marketing to determine if it was a success (Mbaidheen & Alawneh, 2017).

Task and Task ownership

Advertising Company will design the advert and to run it on TV and social media. Front end employees will be trained to equip them with skills that improve business sales. Those assigned with tasks will foresee that it’s complete as they are rewarded (George & Yimin, 2017).

Resource allocation

Netgear Corporation will allocate enough funds to meet its advertising needs and rewards for performing employees. Training of employees to give them required skills will be budgeted for.


Successful implementation will be possible through following the set objectives and tactics. The plan will involve looking into the long term strategies and breaking them into manageable short-term goals, functional tactics, Marketing, outsourcing, setting policies and compensation. Following the plan of contracting an advertising company and training internal employees will increase our sales and ensure business growth (Mbaidheen & Alawneh, 2017).

The process of implementation

All the key employees will be engaged or included in the plan and the process of implementing change. Different employees will be assigned specific tasks to work on. They will provide their insights, their fears, challenges and concerns. The next step will be to communicate to them the strategic implementation that the company will be undertaking to make them understand and to feel to be part of the decision. The last step will be to implement the changes once everyone is on board. That is running the advert both with the advertising company and with the help of front end employees.

Risk Management

Netgear Corporation will select the best advertising agency to develop the advert that will ensure growth or increase our customers. Once the advert has been rolled out its impact will be analyzed based on growth of customers immediately and over a period of time. Three month into running the advert; it it’s not successful then the company will reconsider its other option of using internet advertisement.

The verification of strategy effectiveness will be analyzed based on response collected from customers.  The marketing strategy will possibly work because of Netgear competitive advantage of having a global brand name which will trigger new customers and those already with us to start taking note of the company and plan to buy from us (Mbaidheen & Alawneh, 2017).

The plan, however, may face the challenge of not reaching a wider market during advertisement since the mediums used may not be effective. The risk will be avoided by contracting efficient advertising company even if we will spend more money. Employees may not be motivated, but we will reward them more to ensure their continued support in internal marketing (Mbaidheen & Alawneh, 2017).

Performance analysis chart for the period 2014-2019

The series 3 represents profit and loses posted; Series 2 represent Company spending while the first series represent growth in customer numbers. The growth in customer number will be high during the first year of implementing advertising activities however the trend will stabilize once all the potential list of clients has been reached hence there will be no big different in our client list over the years.

The company spending will be a bit high in the first two years from rolling out the strategy because it means more resources will be allocated than the normal budget. However, the situation will stabilize later and the budget will go a little bit down. The company during its first two year of implementing the strategy will get little returns in terms of profit but once the number of customers buying from us increases the company will post more profits over the year (Canadean Company Reports, 2013).

Financial position of Netgear

     Year Ending
Dec 2016
Year Ending
Dec 2015
Year Ending
Dec 2014
Year Ending
Dec 2013
Cash and Equivalents240.47M181.94M141.23M143.01M
Total Current Assets962.78M821.14M822.97M800.11M
Property, Plant & Equipment, Gross123.49M126.54M118.59M98.94M
Accumulated Depreciation & Depletion104.02M104.15M88.89M71.75M
Property, Plant & Equipment, Net19.47M22.38M29.69M27.19M
Other Non-Current Assets7.98M7.93M9.38M26.59M
Total Non-Current Assets221.67M229.43M225.72M293.82M
Total Assets1.18B1.05B1.05B1.09B

Netgear Company has experienced increase in cash flow for the past four years. The subsequent increase is attributed to growth of its business right from increased number of client who subscribes to the company services.  For example the company received 143.01 Million dollars in the year 2013 but the cash flow by the year 2016 has risen to reach 240.47 Million dollars. From the financial report Netgear is expected to post increased cash flow this year (Netgear, 2017).

Key Success factors, budget, forecasted financials and break even chart.

The company marketing estimates are 300, 000 thousand dollars for the nine months advertising period.

This excerpt taken from the NTGR 10-Q filed May 7, 2009

Break even chart

  Sales and Marketing

   Nine Months Ended 
   March 29,
  November 30,
   (In thousands, except percentage data) 
Sales and marketing expense  $25,902  (21.6%) $33,028 
Percentage of net revenue   17.0%   16.7%

During the first month of implementing the strategy the company will use 25,902 dollars in its spending to get 17.0% net Revenue. In the following months the company will post an average of 21.6% net revenue while spending 33028 dollars monthly in sales and marketing.


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