Impact of Motivation on Productivity

Impact of Motivation on Productivity
Impact of Motivation on Productivity

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Impact of Motivation on Productivity

Manzoor, Q (2014). The impact of employees’ motivation on organizational effectiveness. Retrieved from: European Journal of business management, 3. Retrieved from

The success of a business is influenced by the level of employee motivation. Productivity and profitability are the results of happy and hardworking workers. Motivation is dependent on individual employee since some may be motivated by money, others promotion and others are motivated by having equity in the business. The only way to motivate employees is finding out what each wants and making it available or assisting them to earn it. If all employees are motivated, the result will be high productivity and profitability.

Weldeyohannes, G 2015. Employee motivation and its impact on productivity in the case of National Alcohol and Liquor Factory. Journal of Poverty, Investment and Development, 15. Retrieved from

The author carried out the research to identify the existing motivational strategies in National Alcohol and Liquor Factory and assess their impacts on productivity. The quality of the motivating system, type of motivation, and roles played by the motivated employees are some of the items analyzed to address the issue of employee productivity. By carrying out the research, the company was able to identify gaps in its motivational system and focus on motivation since it affects the productivity of the organization.

Barg, J Ruparathna, R, Mendis, D & Hewage, K (2014). Motivating workers in construction. Journal of construction engineering, 11. Retrieved from

Construction industry lagged behind in productivity compared to other industries. Attitude, employee-employer relationship, and lack of communication are some of the main issues affecting motivation in the workplace.  Work climate, employee development, perceived equity, work objectivity, and organizational climate should be addressed with relation to employee motivation.

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Serchuk, D (2010). Shareholders win when employees are motivated. Forbes, 3.  Retrieved from:

An environment that fosters motivation makes employees feel that there is constant communication, have control over their work and are respected. According to the research, firms that had motivated employees had a subsequent increase in their stock prices resulting in high dividends for shareholders. Being less strict on internet use, measuring performance with set goals, and consistent measurement of performance are some of the ways the author indicates crucial in improving productivity.

Michael, J (2015). Increasing productivity of retained employees after a workforce reduction. Scholarly works: Walden. Retrieved from

The study was carried out in the United States telecommunication industries due to the increased downsizing of workers. Systems theory was used to assess the available strategies for managers to increase the motivation of the retained workers. Communication is the most crucial element in motivating the workers.

Willyerd, K (2014). What high performers want at work? Harvard Business School, 1. Retrieved from:

High performers are the most productive compared to average workers according to the research. High performers are few in the workplace yet they the most satisfied with their jobs. The best strategy should be to increase retention rates for the high performers. The study was conducted in 27 countries to determine the future expectations of the workforce. Base pay and bonuses are what satisfies most employees.

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McGregor, L & Doshi, N (2015). How company culture shapes employee motivation. Harvard Business School, 1. Retrieved from:

Culture is critical in an organization as it drives performance and affects business processes. A good culture encourages play, potential, and purpose while at the same time reducing economic and emotional pressure. The research was carried in 50 companies around the world.

Sullivan, J (2011). Increasing employee productivity: The strategic role the HR essentially ignores. ERE Media, 1. Retrieved from

According to the author, morale can be defined as an individual’s state of mind resulting from emotions and feelings. It is an elusive quality that determines the attitude towards other team members, workplace environment, and the overall organization. Job insecurity, excess outsourcing, perceived unfairness, and poor compensation lead to poor morale. Thus, employees focus on how to improve their careers instead of being productive. Managers are encouraged to build an organization culture that meets the needs of each employee to increase their motivation and productivity.

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Puwanenthiren, P (2011). The reward system and its impact on employee motivation in the commercial bank of Sri Lanka, PLC. Global Journal of Management and Business Research, 11. Retrieved from

Organizations are focusing on having an equitable balance between employee contribution to the firm and the firm’s contribution to the workers. Recognition, benefits and compensation are some of the rewards associated with the balance between the firm and the employees in the bank. Balance leads to motivation hence increase in productivity.

Williamson, F (2014). Enhancing strategies to improve workplace performance. Walden, 121. Retrieved from

The author applied Maslow hierarchy of needs to analyze motivation in relation to productivity. Strategies must be put in place to address the misunderstandings that happen when there are changes in organizations. Attitude, beliefs, and background can result in destructive or constructive acts that affect workplace performance.

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