HPV Vaccine: Barriers and Mitigation

HPV Vaccine
HPV Vaccine

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HPV Vaccine: Barriers and Mitigation

According to the Center for Disease Control (2012), the HPV vaccine has over 97% effectives in preventing cervical cancer cases in the globe. There is need for using the vaccine and convincing stakeholders to fully integrate its use in the community because of high levels of sexual activity among preteens and adults.

The stakeholders for the project are Hispanic pediatrics aged 10 to 13 years and their parents who would serve as advocates and champions of the vaccine. This section of the HPV vaccine based project will discuss the potential barriers to the implementation of the project. The stakeholders are likely to pose a challenge in the intended wide vaccination of preteens, thereby posing a need to addressing and preventing those barriers.

The stakeholders might hold insufficient information about HPV and therefore not know about the existing risks that are already posed by the pathogen. Such parents or guardians are also likely to be unaware of the wide prevalence of the disease, and therefore, the risks that it poses to their children’s health (Caitlin, Escoffery, Satsangi & Brownstein, 2015).

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 The project will consider an education program that gives talks about the causes, transmission and prevention methods that can be used in fighting the Human Papilloma Virus. The project will involve Spanish speaking volunteers that can integrate Hispanic values into the dispensation of information about the condition (Butts, Janie, and Rich, 2010). The project will also enlist the assistance of religious organizations, politicians, local celebrities, and community centers. One of the reasons why HPV is highly prevalent is the low manifestation of symptoms among those that are infected.

Therefore, those that are infected are likely to infect a high number of partners especially if they do not practice safe sex. HPV poses the threat of causing cervical cancer which might be difficult to treat if it is detected late. If this information is dispensed through the correct avenues, it might contribute to the mobilization of the Hispanic parents (stakeholders) to allow their children to be vaccinated with the HPV vaccine.

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