Health Promotion: MAPP Process Essay

Health Promotion
Health Promotion

Health Promotion

Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership

Health promotion is an important aspect when dealing with health problems. Utilization of the MAPP has been maximized in various ways in achievement of community health. This has been achieved through focusing health from a community perspective (Layde , 2012). This is obtained by coming up with a vision statement for the whole community, establishing goals and strategies based on the primary needs of the community and carrying out an action plan to help achieve the target ++goals and objectives (Layde , 2012).

To make my health promotion program complete, I would incorporate the following processes. To start with, I would organize the planning process and develop partnership with the major stakeholders. This would entail coming up with the objectives for undertaking the program as well as the benefits and barriers that would hinder the success of the program. Also, I would organize the participants by clarifying the roles and responsibilities of each participant. I would also give a detailed explanation of the program; assess the resources that would be required and develop a work plan. Also, I would identify any other initiative with a similar motive, and we would try to link them together.

According to Layde , 2012, It is important for the participants to identify important issues facing the community and it is through this that they will be an able to realize the vision. Therefore, I would effect the same by identifying those issues basing on the assessments carried out and determine how each of them would affect the achievement of the shared vision. This would be achieved through brainstorming of the strategic issues, developing an understanding of the reason why an issue is vital, determining of the repercussions of not addressing the issues, consolidating similar issues and finally, arranging the issues in order of priority.

I would ensure that goals are formulated about the vision statement as well as the strategic issues raised. After that, I would ensure I develop strategies for each goal related to the issues raised and after that develop strategies for addressing the matters in the community (Layde , 2012). This would take into consideration current strategies and activities and consider any barriers to implementation.


Layde, P. M., Christiansen, A. L., Peterson, D. J., Guse, C. E., Maurana, C. A., & Brandenburg, T. (2012). A model to translate evidence-based interventions into community practice. American journal of public health, 102(4), 617-624.

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