Group Communication Methods

Group Communication Methods
Group Communication Methods

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Group Communication Methods

Description of the group

Our group comprised of 3 individuals, we interacted, relied on each another and adhered to the rules to attain a common objective. We aimed at acquiring ideas through discussions as a platform of gathering the ideas. The purpose of the group was to develop new ideas. I was part of this group because I wanted to confirm that my ideas were the correct, that is I was learning the correct concepts. We used various Group Communication Methods to effectively communicate.

Group Communication Methods: Communication types

Climate refers to the environment created in the manner in which the group communicates, for example; group members are valued, respected and supported by the group.

Task is a type of communication that concentrates on issues or problems before the group, for instance, we highlighted on issues affecting members.

Procedural is the communication that depicts the manner in which the group attains the tasks while interacting, for instance, each member was given a role to play.

Egocentric is a dysfunctional communication that concentrates on one or particular person, such as one member recurrently attacks others within the group to dominate the discussion

Some of the outcomes of our group include learning from one another, collecting new facts and good communicators. Personally, I think it is a good idea to form a group as it allows members to not only exchange ideas but also acquire new ones.

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If this group was to be redone I would changes various things including;

  • Ensure that we have a cooperative climate within the group
  • Change my communication to a challenging individual’s behavior that is, having an out-of-body capability.
  • Change disruption contributions to positive ones
  • Confronting the difficulty group member directly to change the way he/she handles group issues.
  • Use of defensive and supportive communication to achieve the group’s goal.


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