Gender Frustration Essay Paper

Gender Frustration
Gender Frustration

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Gender Frustration

Culture is a fundamental aspect of conflict and its determination. It impacts how people formulate and interpret perceptions, about themselves, others and events. It is also necessary to recall that cultures are dynamic and relate to the figurative element of life. The metaphorical dimension is the place where we are constantly making meaning and enhancing our distinctiveness.

While cultures are powerful, they are usually unconscious, influencing conflict and attempting to resolve it in ways that are not visible. In short, cultures impact the ways we label and castigate others and how we solve social impasses. A person with a Confucius upbringing, for instance, looks at life through the lenses of peace and harmony.

Consequently, someone that grew up in a Jihadist background and fundamentalism holds the view that violent killing is the shortest route to heaven. All these extreme perceptions are the byproduct of culture. However, the slanted view that men are required to fix everything as opposed to crying is not a reflection of the reality by whatever standards. This paper will discuss frustrations that come with expectations imposed by society on the men.

Gender Frustration

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            There’s this warped notion that the corporation demands of men are that aspect of being physically strong.  While being physically strong seems absurd to comment, it remains the commonest of anticipation of men to be strong, muscular, perhaps more powerful than the engine and one that can leap all tall structures in a single bound.  The reality is that much of these expectations are anchored on competitiveness.                 

Furthermore, the society looks at men based on the depth of their wallet. Currently, women income is increasing while men are required to be rich and sole providers of their families. Failure to meet such standards makes them girly. In the society, women must be beautiful, and men should be wealthy. The society requires that a man should have money as well as material possession. The amount of money a man earns should be higher that his girlfriend or wife. Whether men are wealthy company managers or middle-level managers, earning less than their wives, makes the society question their masculinity.                                                                                   

Another misconception that is intense is the pressure on male to be winners. For acceptable masculine, the male should be passionate about their position. Also, men that are not interested in sports are regularly seen as derision.  The society looks at men based on hierarchy, those at top stronger and better among others. Nevertheless, men ego is accountable for roughly 90% of the conflicts in human history. In fact, men have limited prospects. Being the winner and at the top is a definitive issue of men culture.

Again, the society does not recognize all male who dominate and the small alpha-male subcategory. As a matter of fact, 99% of women and 95% men are primarily subservient to about 2-3% of the population. Unless one is an autonomous professional or CEO in a firm, he can spend much of his career taking orders from somebody that can quickly end his career while forcing your family into bankruptcy at any time without justification.

Gender Frustration

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The society requires that men should know how to fix a flat tire, computer or broken door. Culturally, men are expected to have some innate ability to fix any broken physical object. Some men learn from a tender age that for them to be considered as men, means being able to fix things, particularly mechanical ones. This brings into perspective fascinating self-satisfying prophecies.

From a tender age, boys are required to think about mechanical things- in fact, they are taught the way of doing it by their fathers or elder brothers, or other males who are good at fixing and tinkers. Because they are taught how to fix objects, they have a higher chance to learn how to perform it.  Since they know the fixing, they are the one women turn to for help.

These highlights the belief that males are better than females while reinforcing the expectations of men that they are better and do not want others to think that they are sissies. Even gay men, who on the whole seem to feel a lot more free of these gender expectations than straight men, have a pre-determined tendency to buy into the strong man myth, for self and their objects of desire.                                                                                                           

In the end, while it is largely beneath the surface, cultures are ever-changing points of departure that situate us in certain ways and away from other directions. We all belong to diverse cultures that give us messages concerning what is standard, appropriate, and anticipated. Our cultural differences tend to surface when we become unable to meet our expectations. Moreover, the disparities between others can be faulted for bad faith or lack of judgment on the part of others, not indicating that common sense is cultural. In this respect, whatever is shared in one group might look weird, or unethical to another.

Gender Frustration

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