Foreigners in their own land

Foreigners in their own land
Foreigners in their own land

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Foreigners in their own land

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Foreigners in their own land episode 1 Review

Essay should be on the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when, why) and how.

1 page. Essay should satisfy requirements for a Reading class. Double Spaced.

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Foreigners in their own land


The concept of home is analogous with the place their ancestors lived. This denotes the land that they have lived upon for generations and hence their land. Many indigenous communities have lost their right to their ancestral land due to the rapid urbanization and also due to the lack of recognizable titles as proof of ownership. One such case is the Hispanic and Indian population that inhabited parts of the United States, the south western side consisting of California, the Dakotas and much of the arid and semi arid regions of the south west.

The indigenous Indian population of the South West

This begun in the 1530’s when one Avarez Cabeza chanced on the now Texan coastline due t a ship wreck. He went ahead to convince the Spaniards of the large Indian towns while at the same time selling himself as a healer to the Indians (White, 5). This was all aimed at conquering the Indians and subsequently acquiring the Indian land in order to form the Nuevo Mexico. As fate would have it the Spanish population and the Indian population would be involved in various conflicts to show their might which ended up with deaths on both sides and the burning of villages such at the burning of the Pueblo in 1541……

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