Food Intake Analysis Project

Food Intake Analysis
Food Intake Analysis

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Food Intake Analysis

This week you will complete your second food diary project. Keep a 3 day food diary, input your foods into “SuperTracker” on the website.
This food diary will look at vitamins and minerals in your diet. Have FUN with this assignment! It is a lot of work, but you will learn a lot about what you eat. Early in my career, we had to do our calculations by hand, it is much easier now! This project is similar to your Food Diary #1, but instead of calories, fiber and macronutrients, we will analyze the micronutrients: vitamins and minerals.

Food Intake Analysis


1. Keep a DETAILED food record for 3 full days, you will write down everything and how much you eat and drink.2. Please save and submit in .doc, .docx or .xl format3. Input and analyze your food diary with the ChooseMyPlate website (SuperTracker), you may use another website for food analysis if you prefer, if so you must use citations.4. Submit in your assignment folder: your food diary for each day plus your daily totals and 3 day average (total the 3 days, divide by 3).

Mandatory nutrients are vitamins A & C and minerals calcium & potassium. To personalize this, you get to choose 4 other nutrients (2 vitamins, 2 minerals) to analyze in your diet, explain WHY you chose these nutrients. Please use a spreadsheet or table format, there is an example attached.5. Write a summary: based on your daily averages, please summarize your 3 day average for vitamins A & C, calcium, potassium plus the 4 other nutrients that you chose (2 vitamins, 2 minerals) a total of 8 micronutrients. How does this compare to recommendations?

This assignment must include all components for full credit: detailed food diary in a word .doc table or .xl spreadsheet ; analysis and summary for 4 mandatory vitamins/minerals plus 4 of your choice (8 total). Each day’s recording/analysis 25 points each, summary 25 points. (3 x 25 points = 75 points; summary 25 points; total 100 points).

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