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Field Report
Field Report

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Field Report

                                Industrial Technology Research Institute focuses on development and upgrading tin innovations. The primary prerequisite for the success of a technological research institute is to promote inventions and provide market now and in the future. Effective implementation of technology in the industry requires the consideration of the actual context of industrial development so as to apply correct strategy at the right time (ITRI 2015).

Most of the minerals are found in enclaves that are geographically far from the local communities. The situation poses the main challenge for the institute which has been strategic in involving the neighboring communities to improve the process of data collection. Also, informal mining sectors, lack of transparency and accountability among stakeholders, diverse social and political structures are some of the other challenges faced by the institute.

                                Some establishments mine the mineral illegally and use the minerals to fund criminal activities or exploit manufacturers especially if the supply of the minerals is low. When there are informal mining sectors, it becomes hard to set market equilibrium prices for the manufacturers. In the end, most production processes become costly. The Institute liaises with the local government to control mining activities and implement actions for control.

Involvement of local communities has also been strategic in solving the predicament. Transparency from government officials, especially in African nations, makes implementation of the solution hard though the institute sends a representative in the affected countries to control the processes. 

Field Report

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                                Data collection is one of the major problems faced by the institute. Roads and infrastructure in more of the countries are poor making it difficult to collect research data. When there are difficulties in data collection, it delays the processing of information which can hamper advancements in most of the areas. To curb the problem, the Institute uses the local communities as ambassadors for data collection and dissemination.

Involving the community helps in getting first-hand information as well as improving the livelihood of the society through the income generated from data collection. Though it is hard to get proper data transfer equipment due to network connectivity, the strategy has been essential in establishing a good relationship between the institutes and local communities. The institute has been able to secure competitive market for its miners.

                               There is difficulty in integrating the different social and political environments in the different countries the Institute operates. Different countries have different cultural practices and political needs. The law governing countries differ regarding regulations for mining. The situation poses a challenge to the Institute as it tries to bridge the market gap and the social needs.

Field Report

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Through capacity building programs, the Institute has established relationships with authorities and locals in a bid to stabilize the mining operations. Though there have been misunderstandings between some governments and the Institute, the training programs have been efficient in bridging the gap between the different party’s needs.

                               Another problem faced by the institute is the gap between technological developments. There is a need for the Institute to keep pace with the growing experience and sophistication of technology that is possessed by the industries. Technology is not the only recipe needed by manufacturers to make products. Manufacturers require the technology as quickly as it gets invented or improvised to meet the market demands of the already competitive industry.

                               The Institute puts in place strategies to make the technology received by users through the use of digital and information technology. However, some of the technology are heavy and requires training for use. To speed up dissemination of technology, the institute employs a strategy of manufacturer’s participation in research and development.

Since manufacturers are involved in research and development, the main focus becomes improvement of technology production. To make the strategy more practical and relevant, the institute should support quality control and testing work. The strategy lacks the integration of international alliances which would have been helpful in acquiring advanced technology faster.

Field Report

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                  Though many challenges have loomed the Industrial Technology Research Institute, its team of experts has been strategic in ensuring the institute can meet to the demands of both manufacturers and the consumers. The tin market is an emerging industry that is yet to stabilize in prices, supply, and demand capacities. Involvement of local communities helps in identification of mines and provision of data needed for the formulation of proper extraction techniques.

                                Against all the challenges, the Institute has been able to provide reliable and accessible market for the miners, stabilize tin mining technology and offer extensive capacity building programs for the miners and local communities. Additionally, the institute has been able to reduce fraud in the mines and developed laws that govern mining process so that revenue generated is not used to fund illegal activities. The institute is still coming up with ways to promote tin innovations.


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