Fiduciary Duty

Fiduciary Duty
Fiduciary Duty

Fiduciary Duty

Question 1: In my opinion, Mr. Willy Watt should not bid in order to avoid conflicts of organization. The main responsibilities of board of members are to ensure financial accountability of the healthcare organization. The Board members are the trustee’s of organization assets. If he must bid, the governing board must exempt him from fiduciary duty. There is no problem with governing boards fiduciary as long as they remain trustworthy, loyal and accountable. However, there would be an issue with Mr. Watt’s fiduciary duty because there is conflict on Mr. Watt’s loyalty and interest (Gannons Solicitor, 2013).

Question 2: Dr. Wilson the gastroenterologist actions are permitted expect in situation where the healthcare providers acts are proven as gross negligence. There is problem’s with contract unless he coerces a patient to sign his contract without the knowledge of the liability exemption clause. If a patient sues him for negligence, he cannot be accused because the patient signed the contract knowingly (AHIMA, 2013).

Question 3: The areas associated with high incidences with fraudulent billing practices that are problematic are up-coding, patient identification error, cloning, phantom billing, repeated billing and service fragmentation and unbundling (AHIMA, 2013).

Question 4:  There are six tips that facilitate effective compliance program. These include establishing culture of compliance, outlining procedures, policies, training, and effective communication, establishing corrective system and performing audits.  These tips are all important, but the most important one is training. This is because continuous training will help the staff understand importance of providing commitment plan with technical and monetary support. Through training, the staff will understand the policies and procedures specific to their job function. Training process provides an opportunity for interaction between the various departments (National Law Review, 2016).


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