Federal Memo Assignment

Federal Memo
Federal Memo

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Federal Memo

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Instructions for: Federal Legislation Process Memorandum (Memo)

Purpose of this Assignment:

Provide a basic overview of the current status of current federal health care reform- Affordable Care Act (ACA), and possible barriers or changes to the ACA

Prepare a concise, unbiased memorandum about the current status of the ACA

There is a lot of confusion about how to obtain insurance through the ACA.

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and need insurance.

Federal Memo

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President Biden expanded the ACA in the American Rescue Plan that he signed into law this month.

Overview of the Current Status of the ACA

The links that will provide the information you need for this memo are on the bottom of Lesson 3 Information.

For this assignment, you will need a promotion to a supervisory position. Yes, we will be pretending, and there is no salary increase 🙂 Give yourself a great title (Nurse Manager, Director of Nursing, VP of Patient Care, Chief Operating Officer, etc.). This is important because when you prepare a memo, you need an audience. You are to address them in your memo.

For this memo, please only use the information provided above in the lesson discussion. The key is to “Keep It Simple Students” (KISS) because your memo is intended to reduce confusion among your audience. Let your audience know that the ACA is still the health reform program for Americans.

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