Factors Influencing Youth Consumers on everyday Purchases

Factors Influencing Youth Consumers
Factors Influencing Youth Consumers

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Factors Influencing Youth Consumers on everyday Purchases


There exist various factors that influence how youth consumers make their daily purchases. It is good practice for organizations and firms to understand the trends of its customers so as to ensure that they perform their businesses in ways that will attract customers. The main objectives of this research are to find out the behavior expressed by the youth when buying products. It examines the attitude of the youth toward certain brands, products, and how they determine their purchasing tendency.

Additionally, the survey finds out the impact of cultural and social backgrounds on consumer choices. Other factors that are examined include the impact of quality of product, pricing, peer influence, consumer knowledge, promotions, advertisements, and product delivery on youths’ buying behavior. Also, this research aims at studying the effects of necessity and interests on the purchasing behavior of the youth (Solomon et al., 2012). It further seeks to find out the effects of culture and social set ups on the buying behaviors of the youth.

The study employed a descriptive research design. The study population involved 70 youths. The study was conducted online whereby a survey monkey tool was used. Structured questionnaires were used to collect data and Microsoft Excel used to analyze quantitative data and table tabulations were done.

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The findings of the valid responses from the research indicated that there are differences in the choice of brands, fashions, and hobbies in making purchases among the social classes with the lower class not observant of these factors. The highest income earners do their shopping in reputable markets and large malls while lower income earners do shop in the local markets and partly supermarkets (Holmes et al., 2013). Social media and televisions are the major sites for obtaining information more frequently about the products. Availability and durability of products plus easy access to the shopping points makes it easier to be purchased among the youth.

In conclusion, the income and social class of an individual affect his/her consumption decisions. Parenting also affects consumer behavior because the parents influence the youth while buying products. Culture and beliefs are also other determinant factors because the youth can regard some products to be related to old age (Atkinson & Rosenthal 2014). The curiosity of using a trending product can also affect the youth in most occasions while carrying out purchases.

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Keywords: Consumer decisions, products, purchases, markets.


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