Ethics-based workplace culture
Ethics-based workplace culture

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Ethics-based Workplace Culture

Evaluate the efforts necessary to develop an ethics-based workplace culture in an organization. In this module, we’ll be looking at the efforts that go into a corporate ethics program and some of the difficulties faced by companies trying to implement such programs. Your readings from Terris’ book will look at some of the steps that Lockheed had to go through in the continued development and implementation of their ethics program. Terris states:Chapter 3 gives a detailed account of the various aspects of Lockheed Martin’s ethics program.

I treat the company’s code of ethics, the role of its corps of ethics officers, the nature of internal ethics investigations, efforts to “sell” ethics to the employee community, and innovative programs like the corporation’s annual “Ethics Film Festival.” I also describe how Lockheed Martin measures its own success in the ethics area, through a biennial survey, and the struggles of the ethics program to maintain credibility within a bottom-line environment. This chapter focuses on the strengths of Lockheed Martin’s ethics program, within the corporation’s own definition of the program’s mission (Terris, 2005. p. 48.)

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Our SLP article this module will also consider the efforts a company needs to put forth in establishing a workable ethics program, but will do so by examining the role of the individual in charge of organizational ethics at a large corporation. And though you may not ever be asked to serve as a Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, it is good to contemplate the responsibilities of this position.

Unlike the titles CEO, CFO or COO, the Ethics Officer role is frequently not understood. Neither are some of the difficulties individuals face serving in that role. As a student of business ethics it is important to understand how organizational structure and leadership can help to facilitate a successful ethics effort within an organization.

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