Ethical Issues in Research

Ethical Issues in Research
Ethical Issues in Research

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Ethical Issues in Research

Locate and read an article related to a topic you may investigate via Practitioner Inquiry (self reflection and strengthening of skills). Select a peer-reviewed primary research article found in published research (typically in an academic journal) written by a researcher about a research project they conducted. It presents the research background, design of the study, data collected, results or findings, and conclusions of the research.

Peer-reviewed primary research articles can be found through the library databases. There is a description of peer-reviewed primary research on the library webpage. Based on your selected peer-reviewed primary research article, in 2 pages, answer the following questions related to research ethics:

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• Describe the study.o Is it qualitative or quantitative? Why?

o What are the research question(s) and/or purpose of the study?

o How many participants?o What type of population sample was involved?

• Describe any ethical issues in the study.

o For example, how is informed consent provided and how are participants’ rights protected?

• Describe researcher bias/assumptions if they are evident.

• Describe study limitations if they are evident.Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. 

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