Enterprise-Level Networking Essay

Enterprise-Level Networking
Enterprise-Level Networking

Enterprise-Level Networking

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The paper sets out to analyze the website structure of http://er.eEducause.edu. Apart from stating the purpose, it will also examine the pros and cons that come with the structure and layout in general. Subsequently, the paper will discuss important lessons learned from the article on Enterprise-Level Networking and whether or not the source is appropriate for research.

A summary description of the website’s structure, purpose, pros and cons

The usability and design of http://er.eEducause.edu are rather complex. As such, it calls for searching several pages and hyperlinks to get that exact data one intends to use.  A site with the right usability should be easy to use without necessary examining some pages or hyperlinks to get what they are searching for (Clark, 2002). Again, search engine optimization is the basis for any successful website.

However, Educause.edu has not been optimized appropriately; this is a deterrent factor when it comes to search engine ranking. On the other hand, the website has various content formats such as videos, slides, pictures, and text. If well optimized, this may turn the internet site into a resourceful hub.  Loading speed for the website is quite remarkable.

Enterprise-Level Networking

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The quality of videos and pictures are excellent. Nonetheless, modern information websites are mainly generated by way of social media platforms and other associated sites that enhance user interaction. The website has been integrated with youtube.com and twitter; this creates a channel to enhance information sharing. Moreover, the website has a blog that presents a platform for discussion. The capability for users to respond to the articles allows for the interaction with other users that have similar or divergent opinions (Clark, 2002).

Articles are clustered in a category format; this allows for quick peruse. Navigation is done from the right-hand side of the website.  Again, the website has a module that permits members to log into the system. For instance, end users can only make comments by becoming members. Apart from social media and blog interaction, a guest can drop an email using the contact link provided at the footer panel. In the end, the homepage layout is simple and professional.

Lessons Learned

Based on this website, it is clear that during initial adoption, the majority of IT firms concentrate on the abilities of the project. For instance, in the wireless systems, the main capability is providing internet connectivity across the organization without necessarily connecting to a wall outlet. Such capability presents various benefits to different areas; employees can access the system as well as the internet during the meeting, scholars can work from anywhere when they gather data, and students can use their laptops across the campus (Grochow, 2015).  

Enterprise-Level Networking

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Besides the immediate advantages, IT workers often raise the likelihood of unique benefit, which is wireless networks can minimize or eliminate the importance of wired systems, hence decrease the cost of infrastructure. Furthermore, several new wireless tools would require additional bandwidth; something wired networks will need to comply with. Another aspect to put into consideration is the newness of wireless systems and the relevance to replace the whole infrastructure in the long run.                                                                                                                     

This website is useful because it demonstrates the need for installing new infrastructures while maintaining old ones or adopting new technology and learning that the new editions supersede it. Therefore, whereas one can expect different benefits from new infrastructure, there is often a risk that such benefits may not be attained. A thorough risk assessment will search for the effects of estimated benefits being unsuccessful and other possible risks such as consequences on a network of departments.

Allowing employee participation is a primary strategy to eliminate surprises while showing that risks have to be assessed comprehensively (Grochow, 2015). By and large, with a new infrastructure, risks and benefits are described with no much information to draw upon. This implies the assessment is significantly qualitative, but some aspects can be quantified. Subjective analysis can come from surveys or experiences from other organizations.


Grochow, J. M. (2015). IT Infrastructure Projects: A Framework for Analysis. Accessed 23/January/2016 at http://er.educause.edu/articles/2015/1/it-infrastructure-projects-a-framework-for-analysis

Clark, .T. (2002). “IP SANs – A Guide to iSCSI, iFCP, and FCIP Protocols for Storage Area Networks”, Pearson Education, Inc.

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