Enhancing Subitizing Essay Paper

Enhancing Subitizing
Enhancing Subitizing

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Enhancing Subitizing

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This week, you have focused on how the preschool and kindergarten brain learns mathematics. Using information from the TouchMath: How It Works (Innovative Learning Concepts, n.d.) website and chapter 5 in the text (Sousa, 2015), do the following:

Explain in 3 pages how TouchMath and the game of Dominoes can facilitate a deep understanding of basic mathematical operations.Include multisensory applications, such as using “audio input” while identifying number patterns, which can be found in the sample counting game at DreamBox (DreamBox Learning, n.d.). Include your own strategies, too!

Link: TouchMath – http://www.touchmath.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=about.how#Points

Enhancing Subitizing

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Enhancing Subitizing

Enhancing learning of mathematics is a key research concern for many scholars and education providers. A common principle identified from numerous research on learning patterns is the need to engage quality learning from an early age. Among the most successful methods of learning mathematics at the pre-adolescent stage is the use of subitizing. Subitizing is the ability to enumerate a small set of data in a rapid and accurate manner (Revkin, Piazza, Izard, Cohen, & Dehaene, 2008).

Despite the numerous debate on various issues around the topic, the use of subitizing is key towards learning, especially for pre-adolescent learners. This paper looks into the usefulness of a number of methods linked to subitizing as well as how these methods aid in the gaining of a deep understanding of basic mathematical operations.

A deep understanding of basic mathematical operations

In the process of learning mathematics, not all tutors will prepare the learners for deep learning. Such laxity is potent in raising mediocre mathematicians who, in most instances, cannot explain the reasoning behind a given mathematical operation. A deep understanding of mathematical operations implies the comprehension of how and why a certain mathematical operation works the way it does (Sousa, 2015, p. 56).

The gaining of a deep understanding of mathematical operations is tied in to the reasoning, cognizance of the topic, and the ability of the learner to process and store information (Sousa, 2015, pp. 49, 120). In the attempt to gain a deep understanding, various tools may be used. These include using Touch Math, and a game of dominoes. The following section describes these two in further detail.

Using Touch Math

Touch Math is a tool used to supplement the curriculum provided to children. Since a theoretical approach to teaching mathematics is not always efficient, the Touch Math tool takes a different approach. The tool makes use of all the senses of the learner in an intuitive manner designed to make the learning process as efficient as possible (Innovative Concepts Learning Inc., 2016). The multisensory approach adopted by the Touch Math tool is essential in the new models of learning mathematics for a younger audience. The section below explains how the Touch Math tool facilitates a deep understanding of basic mathematical operations.

Making use of the trademark Touch Points

Innovative Concepts Learning created and trademarked Touch Points as the tool behind the Touch Math concept. Touch Points involves the identification of points in the structural form of the numbers 1 through to 9. As the young students learn how to read, their tutor shows them the various touch points on each numeral. In a bid to enhance deeper learning and understanding, the teachers insist on their students touching and counting each touch point on each numeral.

The numeral 1 to 5 have single touch points while 6 to 9 have double touch points (Innovative Concepts Learning Inc., 2016). The Touch Points enable the learners to identify a deeper implication and meaning for numbers rather than simply identifying them as writings.

Establishing touching and counting patterns

A key factor in the success of Touch Points is the manner in which it engages the learners in a multi-sensorial way. Teachers show the learners trademark images and pictorial identifiers that resonate with the learners. This approach improves memorability and the acquisition of a deeper knowledge of the numerals. In addition, the touching, counting, and calling out of the numerals presents an effective approach to gaining a deeper understanding of the operations.

The choice of Touch Math to focus on counting relates to the basic tenet that most computations in mathematics are based on counting (Innovative Concepts Learning Inc., 2016). Therefore, gaining a good understanding of these basics would result in better and deeper understanding of the more complex operations…..

Enhancing Subitizing

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