English Assignment Paper

English Assignment
English Assignment

English Assignment

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As a teacher, I am a learner and always learning. Teaching enables me to continuously learn and broaden my ideas and change the mind on the various subjects. My aim is to teach but I always learn even from the learning styles of the students. I am open to suggestions and what I learn today helps me pass tomorrow. I am passionate, flexible, creative and caring to my students (Echevarria & Graves 2010). When it comes to the teaching style, visual learning helps my students who have the preference for things they observe and the use of charts and highlighting color codes helps them understand key points better. The use of flashcards drawing cartoons helps these students and can acquire ideas faster.

From my Multiple Intelligence Quiz, I am not good at performing logical or mathematical tests and cannot do calculations well. I can relate with other people but not fully. When it comes to me I can handle myself well and am fairly better when it comes to music. In visual and spatial intelligence, I can read pictures well and interpret them clearly (Echevarria & Graves 2010). Am not so good in nature but I have a good body language despite that am not good in speech and linguistics. I am not surprised by the results because it is a true reflection of me, however, I am always perfect in relating with other people.

English Assignment

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Knowing the cultural characteristics of my ELL population helps in ensuring that all students learn and understand. Ways are there on bringing the content of education through art by using it as a starting point when discussing different cultural traditions. Students form a great resource in music and they can describe political events in different regions (Echevarria & Graves 2010). Culture kits are important because they contain some themes and items that can allow for sharing of culture. Students can also connect to what they are learning through literature, folktales and stories from diversified cultures.


Echevarria, J., & Graves, A. (2010). Sheltered content instruction: Teaching English language learners with diverse abilities. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

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