Engineering: Personal Career Statement

Engineering personal career statement
Engineering: Personal Career Statement

Engineering: Personal Career Statement

Personal Career Statement

The world today is blessed with so many developments. These propel people to achieve greater heights when utilized correctly. I have seen how the world is changing and how people are struggling to match the changes. People are now equipping themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to compete with the fast-developing world and the people.

Not wanting to be left behind, I took the time to think of the skills that I have and my interests so that I will be able to decide on the best profession that suits me well. After careful deliberation, I have come to realize that I would want to be an Engineer in the future. It is in this field where I believe I can be of much contribution and where I will best fit.

As a child, I have always admired tall infrastructures and wondered how people were able to build such. I thought to myself that one day I would want to be one of those people who build buildings and bridges. Now that I am at the point where my decision will determine my future career, I have come to realize that this is now the perfect time for me to start making my dream of becoming an Engineer come to reality.

“Professional Engineers apply lifelong learning, critical perception and engineering judgement to the performance of engineering services” (Cruickshanks-Boyd & McIntosh, 2016. 7), challenging current thinking and conceptualizing alternative approaches. Furthermore, professional engineers engage in researching and developing new principles, materials and technologies that I find interesting.

It is with much conviction that I say that if given the opportunity to study this degree, I will be able to tackle all the difficulties that go with the course. My strong determination and will to succeed will help see me through during tough times. Worth mentioning here is the studies that I have undergone for three years at Coventry University. I must say that it is in this institution where I was molded to become a person who is fit to compete in the professional world.

With ample outside the classroom experiences that exposed me to different real-life situations, the University had developed in me resilience, perseverance, diligence, and adaptability which I believe are characteristics needed in the field of engineering. Furthermore, the curriculum offered at Coventry University was comprehensive and afforded me the knowledge in all the classroom teachings which were administered with expert supervision.

Now, with much belief for a bright future, I hope that I will be granted admission in the field of engineering for I am certain that this is the field that best fits my interest, capabilities, skills, and experiences. If given the opportunity I vow to prioritize my studies, to allocate my time to school-related activities, and to maximize all resources in order to make learning enjoyable and most of all, enriching.

The future indeed, holds so much promise. It is up for me to decide whether to grab that promise or to just remain where I am. I am taking the road less traveled, the one which may be difficult but one which is the most fulfilling in the end. Engineering is not an easy course nor is it an easy profession but I am prepared to do whatever it takes to become one.


Cruickshanks-Boyd, D. & McIntosh J. (2016). The state of the engineering profession.

Retrieved 3 February 2017 from

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