Employee Training in the Workplace

Employee Training in the Workplace
Employee Training in the Workplace

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Employee Training in the Workplace

Summary or Description        

In the essay, you will discuss different types of coaching used in the workplace, executive coaching (one-on-one) and team coaching. The strengths and weakness that researchers showed in both practices. Also, discuss about the effectiveness of both practices on individual level and organizational level. Finally, discuss about personal view on which approach is more practical in the workplace.

Components included in the essay / questions to consider  

1.  Compare and contrast the perspectives on learning presented in your three selected articles from at least two stakeholder perspectives (e.g. employees, supervisors/managers, leaders/senior management, HR professionals, the organisation or other). What are the strengths and weaknesses of the articles in helping to better understand the learning challenges of/for these stakeholders?

2.What implications do these perspectives have for human resources development theory or the ways we understand how humans learn? What models of learning discussed in your articles are particularly useful and why (justify your rationale)?

3. Which concept(s)/practice(s) do you think is (or are) more practically useful to implement in the workplace and why (justify your rationale)?

Employee Training in the Workplace

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Reference list (restricted only to the listed 3)          

1-Jones, Rebecca J., et al. “The Effectiveness of Workplace Coaching: A Meta-Analysis of Learning and Performance Outcomes from Coaching.” Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, vol. 89, no. 2, 2015, pp. 249–277., doi:10.1111/joop.12119.

2-Bozer, Gil, and Rebecca J. Jones. “Understanding the Factors That Determine Workplace Coaching Effectiveness: A Systematic Literature Review.” European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, vol. 27, no. 3, 2018, pp. 342–361., doi:10.1080/1359432x.2018.1446946.

3-Maseko, Badelisile M., et al. “Team Coaching in the Workplace: Critical Success Factors for Implementation.” SA Journal of Human Resource Management, vol. 17, 2019, doi:10.4102/sajhrm.v17i0.1125.

Employee Training in the Workplace

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