Education scenarios Essay Paper

Education scenarios
Education scenarios

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Education scenarios 

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Task description: This task requires you to apply your knowledge of language and culture, oral and written language and language variation and change, to write an essay responding to one of the following education scenarios. In your response, you are required to describe and discuss how the child in your chosen scenario will learn English over the next decade of their lives (from birth to 10 years of age), taking into account cultural influence and social interactions with parents, caregivers, peers, and prospective English educators.

You should provide a response in a cohesive, informed and objective manner.

Scenario 1: Anna was born in rural Tasmania and is an only child of parents who are farmers and have lived in that rural area in Australia for many generations.

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Scenario 2: Samuel was born to an Asylum seeking refugee who is detained on Nauru.

Scenario 3: Jin Li was born of Chinese parents who have recently moved to Melbourne. Both parents are fluent in English and Chinese.

Scenario 4: Edward was born in an Australian middle class family whose parents work for the government in Canberra.

Scenario 5: Kim Lan was born of Vietnamese parents who have been in Australia for a decade and are lecturers in literacy education and health at an Australian university in Sydney.

Scenario 6: Daku was born in a remote Aboriginal community. His parents speak a traditional Aboriginal language at home and Aboriginal English is spoken in their community.All the children in the above scenarios were born in Australia in 2017.

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Task Length1,700 words (maximum)

Assessment Criteria? Apply knowledge of language and literacy concepts and theories (50%)? Tell a story of the selected child’s language learning and development (20%)? Communicate ideas in academic writing (30%)

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