e-commerce strategies

Burberry is one of the most popular online retail brands and this success can be attributed to utilization of e-commerce strategies by establishing online marketing websites.  E-commerce is attaining relevance in the fashion industry with progress being made online by the large fashion retailers. With the evolution of technology and introduction of new innovations, companies must strive to adapt to the new changes so as to survive in the stiff competition.

However, despite these changes, many businesses have not fully utilized e-commerce as the utilization is still underdeveloped. Organizations that have utilized e-commerce have proven to be successful and such is Burberry. Burberry is the perfect example of an organization that has fully utilized digital marketing strategy through e-commerce.

The brand utilizes the social platforms such as twitter and Facebook to reach out to all its customers by optimizing the content to suit each platform. For instance, it uses Facebook to showcase live streams of their products, a method that has seen it gain very many followers online.

There are various e-commerce strategies used by ten companies to advertise its brand and reach out to the customers, all of which have increased the profitability of the organization. Burberry is the one brand that has exemplified an outstanding digital marketing performance by using the various social media channels to attract young customers.

The result demonstrated further the influence e-commerce strategies and attitudes held by people have on the modernization of a company. The best strategies for e-commerce which proved to have a positive impact on modernization of a company include maintaining effective communication with employees of the company, always informing them about matters that pertain to the organization, paying attention to workers and slotting them in when making decisions, encouraging creativity along with innovation, creating an environment which is positive and maintaining motivation for employees, which was the case with Burberry.;;:;

Cosby, Peter (2016). Overcoming the Top E-Commerce Challenges for Brands. Contemporary E-commerce;. Available at: http://www.salsify.com/blog/3-biggest-ecommerce-challenges-and-how-to-overcome-themsx

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