Diversity and Health Assessment

Diversity and Health Assessment
Diversity and Health Assessment

Diversity and Health Assessment

Cultural multiplicity is one of the major factors that contribute to breakdown of communication when carrying out health assessment. The diverse cultural factors range from religious beliefs, socioeconomic, lifestyle among others (Dains, Baumann & Scheibel, 2016). Some of the social economic explanations entail marital status and type of employment. Lifestyle issues would involve use of substance and drugs, leisure activities and in case of any taboos in their community.

When gathering information from a patient, a nurse aims at establishing a good rapport when obtaining information from the patient and giving information. Nurses and other health care providers should have certain skills and knowledge to be able to extract information from their patients (Ball et al., 2015). They should adopt a technique that wins a patient’s trust and holds him/her in high esteem. This creates a friendly environment whereby the patient is likely to give the required information adequately.

            Areas that I would be sensitive when interacting with my patient would include those considered as private and sacred. Those issues would include sexual activity, pregnancy history, previous relationships and any form of abuse (Dains, Baumann & Scheibel, 2016). Failure to this would have negative impacts such as patient failing to give the required information and also the patient would have fear and be stigmatized. It would also prevent the patient from feeling discriminated.

            Some of the questions that would target my patient would be as outlined below. In case of an emergency, who is the closest person who can be contacted? Are you involved in any relationship? Have you been sexually involved with a person, oral, vaginal or anal or other forms of sexual activity for the past six months? For how long have you been having the vaginal discharge and what are the characteristics? Do you have any sexual concerns you can ask? Do you feel safe with your sexuality and sexual identity? Have you ever been diagnosed with a sexual transmitted infection? Do you use alcohol or any substance when engaging in sexually activity (Sullivan, 2012)?


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