Dialectical Relationships in Communication

Dialectical Relationships
Dialectical Relationships

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Dialectical Relationships

In communication, participants face conflicts making relationships to be in constant flux commonly called dialectical problems.  The pressure of such tensions takes place in a cyclical manner. Personal dialectical brings into perspective the aspect of closeness, but conflicts pull relationship apart. Some of the common dialectical relationships include;

Connection and independence: In mutual relationships, each participant struggle with relating issues while ensuring freedom.  Much as, autonomy and connection vary, independence is important than connection. But our independence change in life and relationships.  For instance, the previous best friend preferred to go out 4 times a week, and we communicate on a daily basis, she required connection than independence.

I like independence and not connection. I have so much at hand and not happy when I do not realize my daily goals. As such, each person has varying identity needs. Therefore, if we continued our relationship, she might have required independence as we progressed.

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Novelty and predictability: On one hand communicators may seem to predict other people character to some level. For example, complimenting my mother’s cooking despite the taste of the food.  On the other there is the aspect of unpredictability and novelty in relationships, for instance, I may know exactly what my friend is going to say. In this manner, personal relationships are like films, if you knew the end, you would not watch them.

Openness and privacy: In any relationship there is the issue of being open or extremely private.  For instance, my friend Michelle’s boyfriend goes with her to the bathroom. Certain people want to be with their girlfriends in their private moments. Everybody is different, as such even regular friends struggle with the aspect of openness and privacy in relationships. Irrespective of how friends are close, they require their privacy.

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