Description of Areas of communication

Areas of communication
Areas of communication

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Description of Areas of communication

The areas of communication are connected to four different categories including; open area, blind area, hidden area, unknown area.

Open area involves all things that an individual knows about themselves as well as others. It is associated with the open and free exchange of information between an individual and others, which is public and easily available to others. When open area enhances in size based on the degree of trust between a person and the group.

Blind area; this quadrant has information that one does not know about themselves, but others know. For example, when an individual takes part in the group, she/he is not aware of the ideas to share with group members.

Hidden area, this part has information that individuals know about themselves. However, the group does not know.

The unknown area contains information that neither individual nor other know about themselves. In this case, they learn from feedback exchange.

Attributes that corresponds with the open area

Some of my attributes that correspond to the open area include; good communicator, no mistrust and honest. These attributes enable me to ensure that there is open communication, no misunderstanding between me and others. For the other three areas, list at least one item that you may potentially find out about yourself and what type of circumstances may cause this knowledge.

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Blind area

I like to use of verbal signs, which is particularly common when I related to others, for example clearing my throat before I speak something. The group learns this behavior from me.

Hidden area:

In this area, I discovered that I like hiding things from others, especially in circumstances where I share ideas with the others. I discovered that others might learn my feelings, views and opinions and, in turn, hurt or attack me. As such, I withhold such information.


I realized that knowing everything about me is exceptionally unlikely. This is common in situations where I associate with the group about childhood memories.


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